This Is The New Xbox Experience That Could Have Been

Kotaku: "Design firm Grid/plane worked with Microsoft on early design ideas for the New Xbox Experience. While the NXE we ended up with is a different beast, it's interesting looking at what could have been.

While Grid/plane's ideas obviously centred around a new menu system, they also "dreamt up an immersive 3D environment for users to explore the latest games, events and online activity within the XBOX Live community". Sounds familiar..."

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Graphics Whore3546d ago

I like this GRID scheme a lot more than the kiddy NXE theme. I can see theme upgrading it again in the future. I think this is one feature Sony has down pat, I just love the XMB lay out. It's quick and easy, you can make it simple or really flashy, it's all up to you.

Anyone else using the blades?

Yipee Bog3546d ago

a hard time locating some of the content in the NXE thing. Would be nice to go back to the old way. the avatars are an utter waste of time, I don have dreds, I don't look a 15 year boy, and I don't look emo. Is there a way to not have to use the avatars?

Cajun Chicken3546d ago

They need to get rid of the globe on the bottom of NXE, it really irritates me. I'm sure that everyone with a 360 (biased against or not) actually wants to see ALL the background wallpaper of their choice.
Its a shame, because The Maw theme once completing the game is really nicely illustrated.

outlawlife3546d ago

on some themes the globe is nicely integrated, i just don't think a lot of developers take the time with it

the globe would have to be replaced with something it it was removed though because it offers a contrasted background for the friend zone as well as the xbox live connectivity indication

unless every developer took the time to purposely impose contrast some of those things would muddle together

Why dis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

NXE isn't done/finished lol.

MSFT didn't even complete the first application.

zeph943546d ago

Your avatar bothers me. I don't know why but the girl looks like a total B!tch and I hate looking at it....I wanted to tell you that.

3sq3546d ago

"MSFT didn't even complete the first application."

Correct, this including Xbox 360 too (RROD)

They never complete any of their products...

outlawlife3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

dis,im curious as to what application they didn't finish? this was nothing but a concept from an outside design firm that never made it beyond being a concept, so i'm not sure what wasn't "finished" is basically a mock up...I doubt it ever functioned

now to the other posts------

the conclusions some of the people draw on this site, and the lengths that they will go to just to bash an electronic device are staggering

going to every article in the 360 section and seeing some little kid with an inferiority complex relating to a game console, rehashing RROD jokes is pathetic honestly

the sword swings both ways but it is seriously every single 360 article with these annoying kids

3sq3546d ago

"dis,im curious as to what application they didn't finish?"

Are you claiming you are an adult? You are so in denial. If their products were so complete, how come they are so broken? This is fact, you know, it's not good for an adult like yourself to lie.

You must be a twisted adult, can't even accept the truth lol.

outlawlife3546d ago

i just want to know what part of nxe isn't finished?

seemingly everything functions just as it was promised to at e3 when the update was unveiled

Raoh3545d ago

i believe that. i say that because microsoft dropped vista early to compete with mac os x.

microsoft is dropping windows mobile 6.5 instead of windows mobile 7 to compete with iphone and android.

and they dropped to nxe early to maintain their lead in console software.

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Gobuz3546d ago

Lol, the xbox is turning into a Wii.

snipermk03546d ago

Micro$haft is known for creating new "inventive", "innovative" and "skilled" methods of copying from the competition.

badkolo3546d ago

i think thats alecia keys and yeah she annoying to look at.

Hercules3546d ago

and she is one the sexiest singers, with a great voice too..its just she has one eye on her..sad thing is, she doesnt know anything about gaming...

on-topic..Why-dis so are you saying NXE is a beta?

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