Harrison: Including Blu-ray in PS3 will be smartest move ever

In a recent interview, Sony's Phil Harrison roared that including the Blu-ray functionality may well prove to be the smartest move ever made. When asked about the reports of low demand for the PS3, Harrison urged readers to go and ask owners of stores Best Buy and Gamestop, who he is sure will all tell us that there has been unrivalled demand for the PS3.


BIZ: That actually leads into my next question, because a lot of the analysts have been making a big deal out of the fact that retailers seem to continue to sell out of the Wii while PS3s are found in stock at more stores. What do you make of that?

PH: I think you should talk to the people who are running those stores. Talk to the people who run GameStop, talk to the people who run BestBuy, and they'll tell you that the demand is unprecedented and that they give us kudos for managing to keep a very sophisticated supply chain moving. What our competitors are doing I can't speak to but I know we are achieving our goals of keeping the market supplied and working closely with retailers to make sure they get informed about when supplies are coming in so that they can match their internal and external communications to store managers and consumers about when to buy a PS3. If that means that for Wednesday through Friday there were a few machines on a shelf in a store in Milwaukee, great!

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FordGTGuy4434d ago

Will Be?

What the hell does that mean?

Remember guys Blu-Ray doesn't start till Sony says it starts and since Harrison says 'Will Be' it must have not started yet.......

I swear Sony must have invented the time machine glasses to see through time how else would they know that the Japanese used to fight Giant Crabs and that the Blu-Ray drive is a smart move.

GaMr-4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Its called future planning and its the core of all successful businesses. You did know that right?

InMyOpinion4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

You're more In Denial (registered trademark) than I thought. Did Sony's 'future planning' also involve lagging behind the 360 and the "novelty item", Wii in sales? Hey, lets also plan to NOT include rumble. lol!

FordGTGuy4434d ago

PH to say that the Blu-Ray 'Will Be' the right move for the PS3 when the PS3 is already out is pretty stupid. This is the kind of article I could see a month before the PS3 launch. Now if he said that Blu-Ray was and is the right move for the PS3 then I would have no problem.

BTW its not future planning when the product has already launched.

THAMMER14434d ago

So if Blu Ray because the standard then they made the right choice. If not it will be just like the PSP.

TheMART4434d ago





were future planning? Those were future losses as BluRay will be.

Digital distribution is around the corner and DL-DVD will even be enough this life cycle.

Oblivion even fits on a SL-DVD...

Shadow Flare4434d ago

yeah, bluray doesn't seem to be going down the same road as umd and betamax. HD-DVD does.

why are you bumrushing bluray anyway mart? Microsoft has no real dealings at all with HD-DVD. You just sticking up for it cos its in competition with sony? Thought so. Or maybe your jealous your next-gen console doesn't use next-gen media. Stick with your dvd, i know your real happy with it.

Not everyone is into digital distribution and not everyone feels safe having bought electronic copies of movies since they could be corrupted. Do you think cd's are selling incredibly poorly since itunes came out? Nope

weekapaugh4434d ago

hey mart-ee, when you get a light year within being objective, let us know.

GaMr-4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

I love the "Everyone jump on GaMr" thing. But FordGT said they need time machine glasses to see that. I just thought that was a little naive of a statement. Your calling the fate of Blu-ray. Who are you? Some kind of market analysis. Well if you are you should be fired cause Blu-ray is actually doing very well.

Mart nice jab buddy. But you missed. Betamax that was ages ago and believe it or not Betamax failure was largely based on refusing the "Porn Industry". Its already been proven that Blu-ray is going no where down the path of Betamax. Although a winner is not clear it would take a drastic turn around for HD-DVD to take it from Blu-ray. UMD does its job very well. Their is tons of PSP games and last time I checked they are all being written on UMD. UMD does what UMD is suppose to do. It wasnt suppose to take over DVD buddy regardless of what little twisted theory you come up with in your mind. It was suppose to deliver the medium for PSP games and allow the option to watch movies on it as well. I still see PSP games and Movies being released on UMD so how does that deem it a failure. Your anti-sony soo im pretty sure everything I just said it in one ear out the other. I seriously think you need some real therapy to get over this anit-sony thing you have. Not for Sony's sake but for your sake. Its just a company buddy. Wether they succeed or fail it wont have a lasting effect on your life. Funny how you take those format jabs at sony though meanwhile the company you support has a glass jaw. Its called XBOX1. And it was suppose to dominate the game market from Sony. hmm that makes them 0-1. Betamax or UMD has yet to effect the playstation brand. However Xbox1 is the reason 360's arent flying off the shelves like lets say "PS2 or wii" people would rather sit back place their bets on PS3 or buy a Wii or even settle for a PS2 before forkin up for an XBox. You should take a marketing course or two. Why do you think their is ads in just about every local paper week after week with Xbox360 promotions. Thats not sign of strong sales regardless of how you spin it. 10 million down roughly about 15 million to go. And thats just to recapture the Xbox1 market.

And Last but not Least Jenzo. You have some kind of hard on for me. Im in denial. nahh budd sorry. Im not in denial of anything. I made my statement generical. Not defending sony but any company that plans for a product they are marketing today to be the break through of tomorrow. But you appearently have that Xbox360 fanboy chip or the Anti-Sony chip on your shoulder so you immediatly assumed I was defending Sony. Im not sure why they left out rumble they probably did plan that or maybe they did get shafted over the patent deal ..who knows. I dont know why they released late nor do I care. All I know is im sure I will get the experience out of the PS3 that I got out of the PS2 because the I have enjoyed plenty games on the Playstation brand product. Now if they cant deliver. Ohhh well. On to something else. Wich is more than I can say for some of you. I think some of you guys will dig a hole and bury yourselves if the PS3 surpasses your beloved 360 in technology and games. And it probably will ; )

InMyOpinion4434d ago

I'm sure that the Ps3 will do well and I hold nothing against it as a console, but the Sony representatives statements are ludicrous. The Ps3 has'nt impressed me yet, IMO it has no edge at the moment. I think it will show off what it's capable of (if it is) in a year or two, but the other consoles will get better and better with time as well. I'm commenting on what's here right now, not speculating. Tired by all the 'wait and see' arguments floating around.

THAMMER14434d ago

You are too wrapped up in this crap.

GaMr-4434d ago

Thanks Thammer... I wasnt aware of that. Someone calls me in denial another dude hits me with a spin move on what I said. 2 on 1 I call that jumping. But of course I mean strictly forum wise. Your trying to envision me as some forum crazed, Sony flag marching person. Bro I hate to bust your bubble too but thats not it. Im opiniated, I defend my statements. How can you look at my posts then look at the posts of some guys like "TheMart,Juvenai,007Richi ebond, bladestar and a few others and tell me im too caught up. lol You must be s)-(ittin me. I been meaning to talk to you about that. This whole "Judging my tone through internet posts thing". Do you need a copy of my resume. Fine here it is. Quick summary.

Im 22 years old. I live in the great ol USA im original from UK moved here when I was 7 years old. I got into gaming when I was ten (around 1995) Im a chief financial accountant at a college in NYC. I have the comfort and blessing of my own office in wich I do work but when no one is looking I check my favorite game sites and forums for news to wich I report here just to here wat other people have to say about it. My hobby is cars. You catch me out on the track and you want to argue with me about Force induction versus Naturally aspirated.. then I'll rip your head off. Cause thats something im crazy about. As far as gaming consoles and all this other stuff. Bro believe me when I tell you. Its strictly leisure. Kills time over the winter. Although I would love to go smoke some rice burners in my Greddy Turbo charged G coupe or even my Carerra Turbo (graduation gift) I cant cause New York weather blows. its hell icey outside right now and they are both equipped with Z-Rated tires. I can borrow my Fiances car but she's affraid i'll wreck it. I have a PS3 their is no games right now. So in between time with the fam,work, waiting b3yond like some of you call it. Im here posting news and stating and defending my thoughts and opinions and I will admit I take some jabs a Microsoft and due a little Sony PR work. But only to piss off the fanboys. Cause judging by my count they have the Sony fanboys outnumbered 3:1

Dont get me confused bro. Im not a hardcore gamer. Im just here to keep myself informed and inform others so when I go down to my local gamespot to pick up a game or two im prepared for the Fanboy brigade thats usually waiting to ridicule my gaming choice. Well thats it in a nutshell. Dont get it twisted.


InMyOpinion4433d ago

Who cares what car you drive or where you work at? What does that have to do with anything (my daddy is stronger than yours?). This ain't no match making service. I could'nt care less about what you get pampered with in your spare time. Go tell your fiance, she might be interested.

GaMr-4433d ago

Nice ignorant response. You missed my point buddy. I was clearing up a misconception "THAMMER" might have about me. That was my choice to make that post and I was pretty much talking to him. I have seen people clear things up or go off topic on here before so I figured I would give it a shot. But you appearently have some sick infatuation with me cause you completely took what I said and twisted it around just so you could put "LOL" somehwere in your post. Bro your Lame. HOP OFF MY ROCKS BUDDY !!!

InMyOpinion4433d ago

All this talk about me being all over your balls, I take that as you're either "in the closet" or a retard. Wait, you've already proven to be the latter. They say it's better to cry in an expensive car than to be poor but happy. Off you go...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4433d ago

“Your trying to envision me as some forum crazed, Sony flag marching person. Bro I hate to bust your bubble too but that’s not it.” Do you think the people on here are stupid or something? Because that’s how it comes off Gamr if your going to be a fanboy of Sony just tell the truth but you are in denial because you claim to be an every gamer but your comments are all pro Sony.

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