MGS4 LittleBigPlanet pack is top downloaded add-on in January

The latest episode of Pulse reveals yet another Top 10 list, this time focusing on the downloadable add-ons available on the Store. Unsurprisingly, the Metal Gear Solid Level Kit for LittleBigPlanet is the top download in January, followed by the accompanying Costume Kit.

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sonarus4458d ago

I know i bought it. It was better than i thought thats pretty much all i have played in LBP

4458d ago
badz1494458d ago

I don't know about others but this is hardly suprising. The additional paint gun makes the game more appealing and honestly I was also thinking of buying it when I first time saw the trailer! unfortunately I don't know how to purchase things from the US store as I'm living in Malaysia and using Aus store with no US credit card! DAMN Sony for making me to miss a lot of things from the PSN store! if only they enable users to use paypal or some sort, I think they can actually earn more than 10 times what they are getting right now but NO, they chose not to allow more people to buy their stuff! good job Sony! well done!

ice_prophecy4458d ago


Thats how I got SF2:HD for my ps3. From the US PSN.

I think australia STILL doesn't have it

CrippleH4458d ago

Now give me a swinging hook shot like contraption. I want to play more bionic commando like stages.

Cajun Chicken4458d ago

Dammit, I haven't got this yet. That'll be corrected tonight hopefully.

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