The Maw DLC detailed

Earlier in the week there was news of DLC plans for The Maw. Since then developer Twisted Pixel has confirmed to El33tonline that they are indeed working on three new levels of DLC for their popular XBLA title.

According to Michael Wilford, CEO of Twisted Pixel Games, "When we were wrapping up development on the main game a few months ago we decided to spend that time working on new content. We had a bunch of ideas left over that we knew could be turned into new levels."

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Cajun Chicken3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )


I called it in my N4G user review, I called it!

If this is the case of the first ever 3D world platform game level expansion to the original game DLC, if you ask me, this is a really good idea. Now that 3D platform games will be getting extended DLC too keep the game going on longer, from these guys maybe others will devs follow.