Sony Claims "We're Still On Target"

Sony on Thursday reported a year-on-year decrease in quarterly PS3 unit sales, but execs say the company is still on the right trajectory to hit previously-announced goals.

"In terms of units, it is true that PS3, as compared to last year, is slightly worse, but on a full-year basis we believe we are on track to sell the 10 million units that I said at the beginning of the year," said Sony EVP and CFO Nobuyuki Oneda in an earnings call.

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pwnsause3575d ago

Im pretty sure KZ2 can elevate those sales, with Yakuza 3(JPN) and SFIV of course.

chaosatom3575d ago

Everyone else thought that they would sell a lot more, but I guess they saw it coming because of recession and their strategy to not cut prices this.

1111113575d ago

I'll be playing sf4 on pc, with my sanwa stick. The pc version is closer to the arcade anyway in terms of hardware :)

pwnsause3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

you maybe playing the PC version with the sticks, but not many people think that way.

Edit: lol at random disagrees who think my 1st statement is invalid.

Danja3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

your completely right

KZ2 will elevate sales especially in Europe where they are getting a bundle , plus there's tremendous amount of hype being built in NA.

Japan is getting :

Yakuza 3 + Bundle also
SF4 Bundle
RE:5 Bundle
FFVII - Advent Children Bundle + exclusive FF13 demo
Demon Souls...

ChickeyCantor3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I wonder though, people keep saying "killzone", but why would it give the Ps3 a boost? Just wondering.

I mean it's the core crowd who is drooling over this, and if they liked Sony to begin with they would get a PS3 anyway.

So who are the people that will give the PS3 a boost?...

FF13 can give a boost since its a well known franchise in japan.
But i seriously dont see how Killzone will do that....unless Somy promotes it well?

I dunno i find it weird that people are putting their bet on killzone, and i see no other people than the "core" crowd getting it. And as far "core" gamers go in numbers, we all see that "core" gamers aren't sky rocketing the Ps3 or 360.

I'm not trying to flame or anything i'm just wondering. And please don't say the visuals or physics etc etc. Cause we all know that it wasn't always the reason for a consumer to get a console.

Just wondering, now I expect an intelligent comment and not a fanboy drivel.

And i forgot to say that most gamers who want killzone have a PS3 already...

mint royale3575d ago

so if they miss it it will be a disaster as it was set intentionally low to avoid another fiscal year 2007 for the ps3 where sony had to downsize expected sales 4 times.

They need 1.5 million in jan-march to make it and i'm certain they will and all will be dandy.

It will be interesting to see what they expect to sell in new figures in april. If its 10 million again then no price cut confirmed. Surely they gotta aim for more next year!

InMyOpinion3575d ago

If LittleBigPlanet couldn't do it, why would Killzone 2?

edhe3575d ago

Because it's the 'next big thing'

I'd bet that k2 won't push sales as those folk that are interested in a hardcore FPS experience that involves more running and dying than gaming will already have at least one console already and be playing COD.

ChickeyCantor3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

" Because it's the 'next big thing' "

The next big thing to who?
I mean Sony must promote it right, if they wanna push consoles with it they should convince why the consumer should get a Ps3 and Killzone.

Because it's the next big thing for you
It's not the next big thing for everyone.

kwicksandz3575d ago

Sony meets star wars

Kaz Hirai: Stay on target.
Phil harrison: *We're too close!*
Kaz Hirai: Stay on target!
Ken kuturagi: [shouts] Loosen up!
[Phil is picked off by Nintendo and Atari; ken tries to escape but is fatally winged]
Kaz hirai: kaz to Sony japan, lost Phil, lost Ken.
Sony Japan: I copy, kaz.
Kaz hirai: It came from... behind!

Anon19743575d ago

I don't think that was a lowball estimate. That was in line with MS's ship estimates for the 360 in fiscal 2006, and fiscal 2007 the ship target was 12 million, a figure they missed by over half a million, and that was at a lower price point.
I think Sony's ship target was right were it should have been and it looks like they played their cards right to meet that goal.

blind-reaper3575d ago

Killzone 2 is the PS3 exclusive that many 360 fanboys are looking at, just checkout the messages on KZ2 threads on many sites saying "Im a 360 fanboy but this game looks niice" the only way that you dont like K2 is by being a hardcore fanboy or not have any interest in shooters.

ChickeyCantor3575d ago

And again how will it push more PS3's?

Funny how i got disagrees on my first post and i think an ignore just because some people are way up to their own asses.

It's a question, so where is the answer?

back to ^ you again,
even if 360 owners/fanboys think it looks good, doesn't mean most of them will get a PS3 just for that.
How will Sony reach the masses with this game if they don't promote it right.
I just don't see how Killzone will push more consoles.

pain777pas3574d ago

The truth is they are on target it will take some more time and another big first party exclusive that noone saw coming to steal gamers hearts

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LightningPS3PS33575d ago

PS3 and 360 sales being equal worldwide in 2008 was shocking. But it's probably true, one of the most overlooked aspects is that we don't really know how sales are going in the other half of the gaming market(PAL regions). But if you remember PS3 was outselling 360 even in North American for the better half of 2008. It wasn't till the XBOX 360 price cuts that the wheels of PS3 starting coming off really fast, especially worst that it was during the holiday. And thus we get all this PS3 is dying news.

But as soon as XBOX 360 got cheaper, PS3 was in trouble and it's obvious that now it's PS3's turn to answer.

karlostomy3575d ago


everything hinges on the ps3 pricedrop.

Can Sony afford it?

trancefreak3575d ago

karl your reference article provides no evidential proof to support or back up pricing claims which could be correct but i like to see real ;proof if your throwing #s around

gametheory3575d ago

Hey Hitler, you need to eat some humble pie as Sony's game division just made a profit, just as they did last quarter (and all of its initial losses positioned Blu-ray as the clear winner of the format war anyway so PS3 owners and Sony won). How I hate to be right again, just like I was when I prognosticated Blu-ray's victory long before PS3 launched.

You keep saying "Sony is in trouble! Alert teh internets!" "BU BU BU TEH FACTS BU BU BU TEH SALES BU BU BU ATTACH RATES BU BU BU JAPAN AND EUROPE DONT COUNT ONLY AMERICA BUBU AAAA BUBU" Even though PS3 outsold 360 again in 2008 on a worldwide basis, just like in 2007. LMAO, same bullsh1t as always from you, as your next reply will probably be. And again, you won't admit to being owned. Sad.

What are you gonna say next? "bu bu bu asperger syndrome" or "bu bu bu I can't reply to your whole message so I'll try to get my owned ass out of here with some not so witty retort"? Just eat some humble pie by admitting ownage, it's gonna be better for you in the long run.

ultimolu3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

trance, karl always provides baseless links, as if that's supposed to prove that the PS3 is failing and Sony's in the gutter.

I don't know what's his problem. He acts as if Sony slaughtered his entire family. :/

callahan093575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

How does Lightning's comment have double-digit disagrees right now? That was an extremely accurate comment from what I can tell. PS3 was up by a couple million all the way through til September. Then 360 cuts prices, and PS3 lost that couple million lead for the year, and the year ends in a tie. The only reason the 360 was able to stay even with PS3 is because of the price-cut. The 360 is cheaper than the Wii now. Seriously.

Karum3575d ago

It's probably his comment about the wheels coming off the PS3.

It was a dumb comment considering the PS3 is doing just fine.

The rest of it though wasn't bad at all, hence why I didn't hit either the agree or disagree button, I'm indifferent on it overall.

karlostomy3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

wow look at that.

all i did was post an accurate article about the losses the ps3 makes and question if sony can afford a pricedrop.

and look at the morbid response.

Gametheory.... you have issues, right?

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badz1493575d ago

somebody or some stupids from the the so-called analyst will come in here stating that Sony is 'actually' not on target! people can be so damn dumb sometimes!

Why dis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Good thats a great attitude.

Competition is great...

LeonSKennedy4Life3575d ago

Did you seriously just write that?

There's no way you just wrote that...

trancefreak3575d ago

the liquor wore off lol j/k

Why dis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Well at least I tried to give hive him an *A* for effort, you know for trying.

Just kidding ;)

NegativeCreep4273575d ago

So whatever they say in opposite to this is just pure fanboyist BullSh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trancefreak3575d ago

I dont think any of us know alot about which company is making what ya know. But u have a good point minus the fanboy statment.

Why dis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

*Stomps on bugs like housewife in star ship troopers*

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