Amazing Frontlines: Fuel of War Pictures

15 amazing new pics from Frontlines: Fuel of War.

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techie4252d ago

Seeing all these computer generated characters that look as if they have no soul scare me...

ReconHope4252d ago

killzone2 teaser is slowly starting to look less impressive.

Hymons4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Could I then assume that the probability of Killzone 2 coming close or matching the CGI might be a little better now? =]

I mean, you never know, it could happen. But I must agree these games are starting to get to a new level..

no_more_heroes4251d ago

so far the smoke effects are there, a la Lost Planet.

PureGamer4251d ago

all the game mags are hyped about this even a xbox360 magazine said in its headline "Gears Of War is dead" i cant wait for this to come out :)

zonetrooper54251d ago

I think i might get this game after all and hopefully this will beat Battlefield, give EA some competion.

timmyp534251d ago

target video can be met. I dont see whats so unbelievable .. I know one thing for shure i cant wait 4 that game to be playin on my ps3.

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