GameSpy: The Chronicles of Riddick Preview

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is bringing the story that began with the cult movie "Pitch Black" back to gamers. The first game in the series, 2004's Escape from Butcher Bay, was a very well-received game-to-movie translation. It had entertaining gameplay, impressive graphics, and unlike most movie games, it didn't suck. It also happened to star Vin Diesel, the baddest dude to ever roll 20-siders in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Assault on Dark Athena includes the original Xbox game as well as the new Dark Athena game, as well as a multiplayer mode. And yes, Vin Diesel is back. A few things stuck out to us during our initial gameplay session.

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The ingame vid of this rocks~!