Confirmed: God Of War 3 March 2010/Killzone 2 sets off 2009

Gamestop sources have unveiled an E:mail sent to them by Sony that March 2010 is the current estimated release date for GOD OF WAR 3. This may come to many as a disappointment, but not for me. I see this as extra time for Sony to polish up a great title that is already looking outstanding from the few trailers out so far.

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Simon_Brezhnev3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

yep good news god of war always come out in march

snipermk03552d ago

I'm skeptical about the info from this half-assed site. Is there any evidence or proof to backup such claim? Don't mean to be offensive, but I don't think gamestop are just gonna reveal their secret email transactions to a no-name dude from "da hood".

Danja3552d ago

as was to be expected GOW games always launched in March this comes as no surprise and I really dont mind either cuz Sony already has a killer line-up announced for this year.

sonarus3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Lol, @ fake comments. The more time they have to make the game the better it will be. GOW is probably the most cinematic game sony has in its arsenal. Franchise has only been around for 3yrs but even with that its taken us by storm

That game simply has so much potential. The gore and the greek mythology driving it as well as excellent production, great cut scenes excellent voice acting. SCEA Santa Monica should have borrowed GG their voice acting talent.

I can wait for ever for GOW3 as long as when it comes out its the best game ever. GOW3 was one of the reasons i bought a PS3. I thought GOW2 would come out on PS3 so i ran out and bought one. I would buy a PS4 and 5 for another GOW

chaosatom3552d ago

These big budget titles take time to produce.

Just look at Killzone 2, MGS4, GT5, and i mean look at FF13. They take like 3-4 years to complete. So 2010 looks good.

Seraphim3552d ago

I'll agree to disagree. Though GoW always has come out in March each one has been scheduled for release the year prior. Perhaps after 3 titles Sony now knows to just set the date for March while keeping the development timetable set for a Oct-Nov release thus giving the developers more time to polish the game. I've been saying all along that GoW will release in March, not in 09. So if true this really comes as no surprise.

Of course we are talking about Gamestop sources here. Seriously, how reliable is that? Employees getting a corporate email? That's not something from Sony stating March...

Doppy3552d ago

We all expected this. Even though we wanted to believe it was coming out 2009 myself included we all knew deep down it was coming out 2010 and on March just like every other GOW.



I agree with you man, I don't see Gamestop going on revealing their e-mails like that, BUT (and that is a big but) if they would, it would HAVE to be to a no one. What do you think Sony would do if Gamestop would be caught lefting release dates go to IGN. Those e-mail, as any information Sony reveals to GameStop should be under NDA. And last, but not least, the likes of the people that pass release dates through e-mail to GameStop actually knowing the odds of developing or being near enough to guessing a time frame are low, this person is just some secretary that works with some distribution warehouse and has passed on information he/she don't even know where it came from.

But just to state it, the date itself is almost a no-brainer, both previous GOW games were launched in March, so much of a no-brainer I think anyone could just make it up and nail to head of it.

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barom3552d ago

They might be aiming for a March 2010 release but who knows it's so far in the future I bet even the developers don't know for sure. In other words I think it's too early to tell. After all Tekken 6 was supppose to come out in 2007 no?

jammy_703552d ago

but i bet it comes out christmas 2010
still theres great games this year

SL1M DADDY3552d ago

It also sounds like Sony is trying to hit each new year with a huge bang at the begining. It's a good idea when wanting to help create buzz.

Aquanox3552d ago

Sony will be struggling this xMas if also GT5 gets pushed back to 2010.

There's no doubt that the PS3 is a great machine, but the developing time needed to create a Triple A game is killing its lineup. KZ2 has been reviewed and scored good, but 2 Gears of War and almost 2 Halos were out (Scoring similary or higher) before Guerrilla got their act togheter.

Makes me remember what Kojima said about the PS3 being a once a month dinner, which is good for a change, but gamers need to eat the good food more frequently.

InMyOpinion3552d ago

Stopped reading when I got to "E:mail". When people find out this is as fake as Hiphopgamer he can always go "I said E:mail, not e-mail!".

gaffyh3552d ago

Probably will come out in March but Gamestop email =/= confirmation.

Also Sony has ENOUGH games coming in 2009 that it won't even matter if this is delayed. For the Holiday season alone they have Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank 2 and Heavy Rain (and FF13 in Japan)

trancefreak3552d ago

@Aquanox maybe you should worry more about your console and whats in store for xmas for it. I dont see to many exclusives flying off the news press for it buddy.
Halo odst looks great so far but what else is there.

Aquanox3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I don't undestand why Sony fans keep falling into the same mistake year over year.

It started back in 2007, when it was suppossed to be the year of the PS3, when big games like Final Fantasy, GT5, God of War, Killzone 2 and MGS4 would crush anything on their road compared to the "pale" Xbox 360 lineup.

What actually happened is that Microsoft announced their whole lineup later in 2007 and did deliver on the dates, making it the undisputed best lineup of that year. On Sony's side, all those games were pushed back to 2008 and later, and those which did meet the dates, didn’t really make it to the Triple A club.

In 2008, the history was similar at some point. MGS4 did meet the target but other highly anticipated games like GT5 and God of War were nowhere to be seen. At MS conference in Q2, Microsoft announced Gears of War 2, in addition to an already strong lineup. At E3 another bombshell was dropped when FFXIII was announced for the Xbox 360. In the end, MGS4 and LBP helped Sony to have a slightly higher scored lineup but Microsoft's lineup was no slouch. In fact, Xbox 360 games sold massively more than Sony's, which means that while LBP and MGS4 might have been scored higher than L4D and Fable II, Microsoft's games appealed to a much broader audience. In the hardware front, Microsoft sold more consoles than Sony Worldwide with an spectacular comeback starting in September. Overall, one might say, it was also the year of the Xbox 360 in the HD Market against a much stronger rival this time.

In 2009 everything has “dejavu” written all over it. Fanboys announce Sony's lineup as if it was the quintessential of the videogame industry (ehm… ever). They fill the forums/blogs with big and technically impressive lists. They say the competition is d00m3d and nobody will stop the PS3 pow4.

Doesn't it sound familiar? I wonder if probably, Microsoft does have some TBD titles to be confirmed this year [Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell V, new RARE game, to name a few] They probably also have another bombshell to be released at E3 and they most likely have a worldwide pricing strategy to counter Sony's moves.

I'm not saying all Sony fans still follow the originally arrogant posture Ken Kutaragi started this generation with, but for those who still do, Don't you think it's time to give Microsoft some credit and stop giving for granted every single release date rumor regarding Sony's lineup? For what I can remember, it's been Microsoft the ones with the biggest marketshare gain this generation between the two, it's been them with the most intelligent marketing and most solid lineup LTD and the ones who delivered on release dates promises, and most importantly, It's Microsoft the ones that have listened closer to their community in order to improve their products and services in the Entertainment Division.

Bubble Buddy3552d ago

Aqua: The difference is that the games are delivering. Sony always has complaints either way. One example: People complain if the dates are pushed back (MGS4, K2). However, they also complain when the games DO meet the date BUT it has many glitches and problems (SOCOM, R2 had a few). I prefer to wait and get high quality games. 2007 I was busy playing cod4 so I didn't mind. I got my PS3 back near fall. I don't really get Microsoft's "strong lineup" for 2008. You mention Gears of War 2, but besides that Fable and L4D were the only games on my radar. Heck L4D MIGHT even go Multi-platform. Microsoft unleashed all their games in one year and that was not a smart move.

DaTruth3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I just skimmed through all the posts and nobody here has said anything about GoW3 killing the 360 or anything of the sort. It might be in the open zone, but seeing as I haven't spent any time there ever, I wouldn't know.

We always have to hear how we(PS3 fans) said this and we said that, when really it was two PS3 fanboy trolls in the open zone on the 360 tab.

Why do we(PS3 fans) have to have everything Nasim says thrown in our mouths.

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TheColbertinator3552d ago

I think Gran Turismo 5 will hit around the same time.I hope it does not become vaporware like GT Mobile for PSP

chaosatom3552d ago

I think Gt5 will hit during Christmas and God of War in March.

Aquanox3552d ago

If God of War and GT5 are pushed back to 2010, Sony will have trouble fighting Christmas against Microsoft's lineup.

trancefreak3552d ago

@San Anto rofl ya he is i just questioned those same comments in the gamerzone. Xbox 360 has nothing compared to the ps3s exclusive line up.
Aquanox Microsoft is shutting down studios and relying heavily on third party support due to the economic crunch. it wont struggle against any ms lineup this year.

The ps3 will struggle against its own price thats all. price drop will come and business will accelerate.

ravinshield3552d ago

WAIT B3YOND b!tchezzzzzzzzz

Aquanox3552d ago


Check my post in the gamers section. (The 2nd one)

GiantEnemyCrab3551d ago

"Xbox 360 has nothing compared to the ps3s exclusive line up."

Dejavu? Didn't I hear that same crap in 08 with Resistance 2, LBP, Motorstorm 2, etc? I don't think Aqua is high he is just looking at reality. But when we are doing future telling around here, which a certain group of fans on a certain console love to do because they can't be proved wrong(or right).

I'm not saying Sony won't have a great year but saying MS is just going to lay down this year and not stay competitive is high talk. You take a few studios being closed as MS giving up the fight. Remember, they said they will beat Sony this gen and they will be very competitive so far they have delivered on that.

Personally, I don't think having GoW3 coming out in 10 is going to make much difference either way. I'd rather see the dev's take the time they need to make the game they want. Waiting beyond is much preferred to having a game rushed to launch to compete, which MS could learn a thing or 2 about.

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TruthBTold3552d ago

At least for me I was a little concerned with spending so much money of games this year that I truly can not miss out on. I want to pay more money on loans I owe so that I may save up more money. Spreading their exclusives is better for me and I think it will be better for Sony to spread their exclusives even further apart. It should give them great hits every couple of months. We still have Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, KZ2, WKC, and some others I can't remember. Basically a lot of good games coming out without counting multiplatform games. It's smart.

InMyOpinion3552d ago

You noticed that just now? ;)

His site is not about reporting news, it's about getting attention.

hydro-lx3552d ago

there i added the proof! now go see the release date! and how is this a half ass site? cuz were not as known as IGN? your stupid!

INehalemEXI3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Well every god of war has released in March as folks above already said and considering March is so close and we have not had a considerable amount of GOW3 hype its likely coming March 2010. Sony would not put KZ2 and GoW3 so close together either.

KZ2 mere days from GoW3 not likely and is GoW going to start launching on a month other then march all the sudden? Maybe, but not likely. So March 2010 seems right. Also the trailer shown at VGA's looked rough. I expect to see more GoW3 at this years game shows and we wont be playing it till 2010 like they said.

That said I would not call this concrete confirmation. This should be under rumor for true confirmation comes from a source such as Sony or the devs themselves.

snipermk03552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

are you R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D? You added a friggin link to Killzone 2 pre-order page from EB Games. The best you can do is point a gun at a gamestop employee and jack his cash, but not their info.. MORON!

hydro-lx3552d ago

yeah that page shows the release date of it! so whose the R-E-T-A-R-D now?

snipermk03552d ago

you mentioned in your article as an "Email" you retarded butt crack. A guesstimate from EB Games is "NOT" a "confirmed" as your article states. That is just a ballpark projection from major retailers.

You might wanna loosen up on all that gold chain and bling-bling cos its clearly messing with your mind. ROFL

InMyOpinion3552d ago

Are you the same guy that used to have an account on N4G with The Game in your avatar?

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