PSP2: How to Reinvent the PSP

The iPhone has quickly become the new hotness in portable gaming consoles -- almost by accident. Apple's multimedia phone has a ways to go before it takes on the Nintendo DS, but the Sony PSP, crippled by lagging sales, should watch its back. Even though rumors of the PSP2 have been categorically denied by Sony bigwigs, GameDaily compiled a list of features a new PSP needs to have to stay in the game.

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Tempist3638d ago

Damn it GameDaily, if you want an iPhone so bad go get one.

Sure there are some not so awesome things about the PSP, but over all it works, and still works really well. I think they should go talk to the non-hardcore gamers who own a PSP and ask them what they like and don't like about it. Results may be shocking.

Blaze9293637d ago

that picture looks badass and i wouldnt mind that for the PSP2

dredgewalker3637d ago

I got nothing against the iphone but as a gaming gadget id rather have a psp or ds. I prefer my phone to be just a phone cause i dont want to empty my phone battery while playing when an emergency comes.

iNcRiMiNaTi3637d ago

that thing looks awesome. i want one of those....only if it was real :(

Tempist3637d ago

That's just a PSP with a sidekick screen. Hell, I don't know why they needed to include the light sensor on it and the letter buttons are now upside down in proper operation.

You don't get good design by throwing together everything that you want in a device, you get good design by putting together things that work well together in a device. That's a fundamental lost on people who belive their designers by putting lists together of things they want because something else seems to have it, or that it's a minor thing that's missing.

ThanatosDMC3637d ago

Yup, there's no point for a keyboard. They could add something else.

cherrypie3637d ago

Microsoft bought Danger (maker of Sidekick).

I *hope* MS is going to release a Zune / Xbox (whatever brand) phone that plays Xbox LIVE Arcade titles....

Community Games and XNA are (IMHO) an attempt to start up the development base for just such a device.

Put two analogue "sticks" on a Sidekick (what you see there in this PSP2 mockup), put Zune Pass music on it, Xbox LIVE-ify it via 3G and/or WiFi and MS is going to have a very very big hit device on its hands. Iphone is not a serious gaming device (clearly) - and if the Xbox Portable (whatever) was connected to LIVE, and had cellphone capabilities, I'll line-up outside Best Buy for one.

ThanatosDMC3636d ago

I'd rather have a virtual keyboard than have more stuff inside the PSP2 that you can do virtually. We could use the space for an internal hard drive or whatever else.

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gersh3637d ago

They want the PSP2 to be somewhat like the IPhone?
Good idea...

KrazyFace3637d ago

I'd really like to see the PSP get an over-haul. The one I have at the moment is great for car trips n' stuff but still too bulky for me to want to carry around with me, if they could make it a bit more pocket friendly (and get rid of that damn nub) I'd be happy.
Maybe if it had a main outer-casing (with the buttons on) that an ipoddy type bit could detach from so you could slink it into your pocket if you only wanted to listen to tunes or something would be quite useful.

Tempist3637d ago

Get a PSP-1000 and then come back and say that. I'm not sure how small your pockets are, but no pocket I have is too small for my PSP.

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