Intel to detail eight-core Xeon processor

Intel plans to detail an eight-core Xeon processor at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco next month, offering an early look at what appears to be the company's first eight-core chip.

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jlemdon3640d ago

this could only mean Xbox 720 to me, but hey I could be wrong.

Charmers3639d ago

ROFL that did make me laugh, there is not a cats chance in hell this will grace a consoles motherboard. The mere pirce of the processor alone will probably be twice that of the retail price of the next Xbox.

The next Xbox will use another in-order processor just like the previous xbox's because in-order processors are CHEAP.

Elven63639d ago

Charmers: Since the Xbox 3 is coming out tomorrow I guess your right.....

The price will go down, also isn't the current Xbox 360 processor a custom one? If that is the case and Microsoft wants to use Xeon again then they will no doubt make changes to the schematics.

Kaneda3639d ago

I thought Xbox 360 is using PowerPc chip, are they planning to switch? probably using emulation for backward compatiblity for 360 games..

zeph943639d ago

Dual core, Quad core....and now.....Octo-core

Sibs3639d ago

Octo-core reminds me of Spiderman...

jlemdon3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Dude you act like they won't use the same method that they used for 360.:)

you have to remember that MS will go with AMD again(hopefully cinema 2.0) so they might use a 6-Core Processor.;-)

FinalomegaS3639d ago

I plan on getting my server this year and I was thinking, do I get great server or mega pc with latest chip inside.

what to buy ...

thezuur3639d ago

dual socket mobo for two octocores... hardware that could make toystory (in realtime) in the home.

i can only imagine what that would be like to have. 16cores...