Exclusive Downloadable Content – Friend or Foe?

NextGen Player writes:

"January 27, 2008 Bethesda released some the "Liberation of Anchorage" expansion for the critically acclaimed title Fallout 3 for the PC and Xbox 360 exclusively. As someone who absolutely loved this game, I was left feeling like I was being left out in the cold after hearing the news from Todd Howard, game producer, which stated there were "no plans" for the PS3 to receive this expansion pack.

Is it really necessary to have exclusive downloadable content in the age of fewer exclusive titles? If so, then why not make it a "Timed Exclusive" for a period of a few weeks (ala Resident Evil 5 Demo, Rock Band 2 release)? I feel this new trend is hurting the people who make the difference… The gamers.

What do the rest of you think?"

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GrieverSoul3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

DLC in all is a 2 edged sword!

In one way we have a feeling that our purchase is being suported by the developer after we conlcluded whats on the disc. Im talking about sinlge player experiences like Fallout. However, when the DLC cames out we have a feeling that it should have been on the disc from the start! Thats because it doesnt bring anything new besides redesign the maps and characters that already existed. Also, it makes the developer to cut back some game elements on the disc in order to release it later at an extra cost.

DLC is a trend that is replacing the exclusives games trend. Companies like Microsoft buy the DLC which is good to whoever owns the X360 or the PC but this creates a trend of selling incompleted experiences on disc for consumers for all platforms. Shafting the PS3 from downloadable content is just stupid for the developers! Because they are basically saying u shouldnt buy their games if u dont own a X360 or a PC! Those who own a PS3, there´s a little percentage that wont buy said game due to it not being supported with DLC. But, as we now, that small percentage sales loss is compensated with Microsoft tossing a few millions to the developer.

Honestly, I dont like where its going...

1233603550d ago

i,m all most done with ms,sony puts money into new ips ms looks for dlc, there not going to get third party exclusives anymore lost planet,dead rising,bioshock,soon to be mass effect,crackdown,left for dead all going to ps3.thats pretty much there best ips outside of halo and gears.theres nothink this year apart from halo wars,and another ninja game and some dlc which i have no intention of getting.dlc sucks when you pay your money for games like fallout 3 and they don,t even sort out the bugged game it is.

outlawlife3550d ago

that list of games you ran down is wrong, some of those games will never make it to ps3 and others are only rumored due to internet rumors and bogus articles, and yet others aren't even in development

you really need to work on your facts

PirateThom3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I still haven't downloaded the Free PS3 exclusive Mirror's Edge map out of sheer principle against this exclusive DLC nonsense.

It's up to developers to accomodate me and give me what I want after buying their game for my choosen platform, not for me to bend to their whims or the platform holders whims when it comes to DLC.

Consoles need exclusive games, not exclusive content. All developers are doing is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of a portionof their fanbase.

outlawlife3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

your logic is mind blowing

you refuse to download something free, because it goes against all that you stand for?

what a rebel you are by saving somebody else bandwidth

developers aren't obligated to do anything for you, they dont have to fix bugs, they don't have to support their game past day 1

you act like the developers owe you some sort of compensation just because you bought their game, they owe you nothing, video games are one product that come with no guarantee

its like buying a cd, do artists ever come back and say "oh we muffed that song up so we'll fix it and give you a new copy"

the fixes and updates and continuing support that games receive is an extremely rare thing in any industry or media

you need to realize that games are a product just as anything else and the companies are interested in your money, not your loyalty or your preference of game console,developer, or publisher

they want your wallet and nothing more and that is the only reason you get continued support for games because you get fooled into thinking the developer cares

they care not what "taste" they leave in your mouth, especially a company like EA look at all of the things they have done, everyone says "i hate ea!" but every year people buy more copies of madden, people buy new games like mirrors edge that are only a few hours long and not worth the price

and for that every 1 person who does decide not to buy the product, 2 will take their place so in the end what you think really matters not

you get what you get out of the box, then whether or not the developer chooses to support their product is solely up to them and whether or not it is profitable, they really owe nothing to the consumer beyond a disc that boots

while i agree that exclusive content is an annoying trend, along with extra content for preorders, the fact remains that your logic is extremely fragmented and makes very little sense to most all reasonable people

PirateThom3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I didn't say they owe me compensation, I said I'm not going to buy a game for one platform over another just because they've seen fit to put exclusive content on one platform. It's up to them, if they want my money they can put the content on whatever platforms they release the game on and support all platforms equally or they're going to lose out on that DLC sales from me.

I know it sounds like one fool's crusade, but as far as I'm concerned, exclusive DLC has to stop, and I'm voting with my wallet.

outlawlife3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

are you sure you didn't say developers owe you compensation?

"It's up to developers to accomodate me and give me what I want after buying their game"

perhaps that statement needs clarifying then

PirateThom3550d ago

Ah, sorry, badly worded, it should really be more along the lines of "they should accomodate me, by offering the same support, on my choosen platform as another".

outlawlife3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

that makes much more sense

also nice to have a reasonable discussion with someone on n4g


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Tony P3550d ago

A crap trend it is.

I bought Fallout 3 for PC so I get the DLC. Cheers and all that. But I'm generally not in favour of seeing my fellow gamers shafted; it could just as easily be me next.