Crispy Gamer: Outlook 2009: Tekken 6

Crispy Gamer writes:

"The King of Iron Fist Tournament returns, and two Crispy writers want it to pick up just where it left off.

Evan Narcisse: I've got no shame in admitting that I want very little change to present itself in Tekken 6 . It's the fighting game franchise in which I'm most proficient, so I hope the move set for my favorite characters -- Lei Wulong FTW! -- doesn't change that much. What I'd like the dev team to take a stab at again is an action-adventure mode, like Tekken Force in Tekken 3, where I can use those same combos against multiple opponents. The technical robustness of Soulcalibur IV on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 makes me hopeful for Tekken 6's arrival on the 360, where I can finally play people I actually know."

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panasonic233574d ago

i can't wait to play tekken 6 on my 360.

rucky3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Then prepare to play the gimped version and if you're playing for more than an hour make sure to buy an extra console just in case.