Crispy Gamer: Outlook 2009: Infamous

Crispy Gamer writes:

"This superhero-focused PS3 exclusive may just deliver a surprise shock to Sony's console system. Crispy's writers muse on the chances.

Evan Narcisse: The thing that struck me most about Infamous, when I saw it behind closed doors at E3 2008, was that it was a marked departure from Sucker Punch's previous work on the Sly Cooper franchise. They started with the idea that lots of superhero games suck because a character's powers aren't created with gameplay as the first priority. (Hell, Superman's never translated well to videogames when you think about it...) I already know we're getting electricity powers and acrobatics in Infamous, but I'm curious to see if we'll be getting a hybrid of Sly Cooper's charm and a more mature, melodramatic sensibility from this game as well. I'll be seeing some more of it when Sony brings the game to NYC next week, so I might have a chance to update those impressions."

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MasFlowKiller3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

This games is going to be big, just look at the videos, its by far the best looking sandbox game and its still months away, just hope they gameplay matches to their ambition cause it looks very promising, specially the fact that is been made by Sucker Punch.

i dont know how am going to afford this game