Media Create Sales: 01/19 - 01/25 (Hardware)

Media Create hardware results have been posted by ChartGet!

DS sells another 65k combined, PSP sells almost 40k, the the PS3 continues its slide and is down below 18k.

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jahcure3547d ago

the ps2. Maybe it'll get a boost in a couple weeks with SO4? Can it outsell the ps3?

PantherLotus3547d ago

I don't think it can, but it's possible.

The PS3 is actually doing pretty well compared to last year at this time. Maybe it has found new momentum with successive impressive releases?

SL1M DADDY3547d ago

More sales numbers to help me sleep better.


Come on folks, at this late in the game, does any of this stuff really make a difference? Just asking because all I ever see from sales numbers is a bunch of fanboys getting their panties in a bunch over numbers that will never amount to anything for us gamers.

Does anybody actually own stock in these companies and if so, what returns have you seen in regards to the financial reports that come to us monthly?

VsAssassin3547d ago

Actually, PS3 selling better has an effect to PS3 owners. It gives them this reassurance that more Devs will start to make games for the PS3. Some games like JRPGs are being horded by the 360. If PS3 expands it's install base, those devs will at least make their games multi-plat right off the bat and not timed-exclusive anymore. Or, they will make games exclusively for the PS3 in competition with the 360.

We may not benefit from it directly, but indirectly, yes. But I think you already know that.

FarEastOrient3547d ago

I think there are over 250 thousand Final Fantasy VII Special Edition PS3s already on pre-order. Plus what kind of text is that? All the systems took a dive over the past couple of weeks, plus the fact that there were no good software released for Jan.

SL1M DADDY3547d ago

I understand that logic and would believe it if we were seeing an install base of 10 million but the PS3 is double that now and is already a guaranty to developers that most if not all games will sell enough to be profitable. All I am saying is that sales of consoles at this time is for investors, not gamers. The install base of each console is a solid showing to developers that games will be sold on each platform and so the argument that more consoles sold ='s more games is a minute and dare I say nearly moot point right now.

IzKyD13313547d ago

Just wait for the Final Fantasy Advent Children blu ray to release, Japan PS3 sales will skyrocket

Voiceofreason3547d ago

Ps3 software sales are extremely low. There is not proof that making a game for PS3=instant success. Lair, Haze, LBP,REsistance2... Ahh whats the point..PS3 has a lower attach rate than the Wii, thats how poor its doing. Anyone that cant see that by now is either an extreme idiot or jsut a fanboy who wants to deny reality. You think PS3 software sales are so great? Please explain Factor 5, haze developer, Midway crisis, PS3 games needing 3-4 months to reach 2 million sales when Wii and 360 only needed a couple of weeks to do that with their games, PS3 getting less play time than the original xbox. I mean if software numbers are as good as you claim why is PS3 doing so poorly? Also can you provide a link to where you get your software numbers? NPD proves you wrong as does Famitsu and Media create.

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RPG Guy3547d ago

Notice Wii sales? I think it isn't just PS3 fOObs.

PantherLotus3547d ago

Please don't let console sales hurt your feelings. Everything is down.

Danja3547d ago

ppl are waiting to buy the FF7 PS3 bundle....but sales are pretty consistent though considering sales normally drop off alot..after the holidays

RPG Guy3547d ago

continued anti-PS3 emphasis in anything written here than it does my feelings...yesh.

edwineverready3547d ago

will make the ps3 sales increase and then final fantasy.

Chubear3547d ago

More like EXPLODE! It's not going to be pretty when FF13 launches in JPN this March/April. PS3 sales are going to be off the charts.

thebudgetgamer3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )



edit: im not bashing the 360 more admiring the strength of the ps2

PantherLotus3547d ago

Something I'm sure Sony is proud of, no doubt.

That said, the 360 has more than tripled its sales from this time last year. Unfortunately for Microsoft, 3 x 0 = 0. <-- j/k ;)

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