Killzone 2 Pre-Orders Rise Following Impressive Reviews

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Following the large amount of positive reviews released earlier today for Killzone 2, it appears that the title has seen a large increase in sales over at

At the time of posting Killzone 2 has jumped from sales rank 4o to number 2 on overal video game sales which according to amazon represents a 1900% increase."

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Snake Raiser3551d ago

19x the preorders it had before?!?! By tomorrow it will be No1.

Serjikal_Strike3551d ago

I didnt need to read any reviews to get me to pre order or want to buy this game...
my mind was made up back a long time ago...
now were only a month away from this awesome title

RememberThe3573551d ago

I just wrote a blog post about this :)

arika3551d ago

i am shocked! it is no. 2 on amazon right now! how could a mediocre game like killzone 2 be on no. 2 on amazons best selling list and it's not even out yet.........(;-D) sarcasm! hehehe.. lol.

go KILLZONE 2 go!

tomorrow it's going to be numero uno!

sonarus3551d ago

lol sony should celebrate at HQ?

If they don't advertise that game will flop. The 2million pound advertising budget gives em hope sha

pwnsause3551d ago

now that People saw the some of the reviews, they are now believing the hype. This proves that reviews do dictate whether or not a game can sell. Reviewers need to be more responsible on how they review, no Bias, no BSing.

Ace_Shooter3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

as much as the good community of N4G (all sony, xbox and the neutral fans) DO NOT rely on reviews that much. its funny how the rest of the world rely so much on a review. crazy.

EDIT: agree with you pawn...they should be more responsible.

QUESTION: I got my pre-order in at gamestop and do we have to ask the clerk for the demo key?? she didn't say anything about the code and i didn't ask because i was high lol does anyone know?? :-)

blackpanther253551d ago

u better go back and get ure key man

GameGambits3551d ago

I can only hope everyone who owns a PS3 in the midget town I live in all pre-order this game from Gamestop, because there is never a midnight release for PS3 games here due to not enough pre orders. Not even MGS4 had one. :(

jammy_703550d ago

good good good
sell billions......... :P

Exquisik3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Yeup. It's number one right now on the US Amazon Bestseller Video Games list. It's also number one on UK list and number six on Canada list, but the KZ2 Beanie is number 2 on Canada list. Why can't US and UK get the beanie as well? :(

Feb. 27 can not come soon enough!

cherrypie3550d ago

How does a wordpress blog about amazon pre-orders get approved?

Just to note; Sony manages access to games for reviews in order to get sweetheart deals.

They did the exact same thing with Haze. The early reviews were all 9 & 10s.

Its called 'quid pro quo', here ya go;

meluvulongtime3550d ago

Until today I was just going to pick it up in stores. Then I got an email from PSN that gets me $5 off of Amazon's preorder price of $56.99 and KZ2 costumes for HOME. Costumes are okay, but $10 off retail price isn't too shabby

FrankenLife3550d ago


You live in a midget town? Are your curbs and street signs lower? Do all the midgets drive a around in little smart cars? Have you ever successfully gotten them to sing and dance in the street. "Ding Dong the witch is dead"

pixelsword3550d ago

When they said it would come out in 2007.

The Gamestop order still stands, and they will have a midnight launch.

and I got my killzone 2 demo card yesterday when I checked my order.

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Liquid Snake3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )


@below, yep that trailer is pretty epic.

slave2Dcontroller3551d ago

Looking at that trailer really makes me want to bone it.

DutyCalls3551d ago

now, that is CGI quality. I can not believe that i will be doing that in real time come feb 27. It is just ridiculous.

rucky3551d ago

Wasn't this the same time Amazon released their $5 off promo code?

actas1233551d ago

True. I pre-ordered today with this code and saved 5 bux. Got it for 52.

Liquid Snake3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I guess the reviews and pre-order sales just answered this article. (also posted on N4G)

"Killzone 2: Will Web Hype Translate into Real-World Sales?"

Killzonegamer833551d ago

Maxim gave this game a 3.5 therefore i will not buy this game.. Nevermind the fact that such credible and well respected gaming sites like IGN,Eurogamer,Gamepro gave this game amazing scores.. Maxim is king when it comes to reviews and i trust only them to review video games.

:::please sense the sarcasm::

thebudgetgamer3551d ago

glamour will be the definitive review for me


Liquid Snake3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Lol your name gave it away, before i read the comment.

Genesis53551d ago

What did Cosmo give it?

thereapersson3551d ago

I'm waiting for the Variety review, myself... :)

arika3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

there are only two review sites or magazines that i trust and that is.... penthouse and hustler's definitive review. man if visuals are concerned they are the guru's! they will probably make killzone 2 the miss february of 2009 because it is the most gorgeous and sexiest thing that have ever graced their pages.

Rock Bottom3551d ago

I hate it when someone have to add a sarcasm tag at the end of his post for people to get the sarcasm, it beats the whole "what the... hmm... LOL" purpose of sarcasm.

somekindofmike3550d ago

I know you are all being sarcastic, but I'm actually curious what EDGE give this game! see if they give it a respectable score, or another 6 out of 10!

Not that i'm going to base my purchase on EDGE's review!

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