Ensemble Studios Closes Its Doors

Today, Ensemble Studios co-founder Bruce Shelley wrote his final blog for the company, which is set to shut its doors now that work on Halo Wars is complete.

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MGOelite3576d ago

this is uncool, i really liked playing the age of empires games and would have loved to see a new one, used to be great playing demo for age of empires 1 online during double ict.

microsoft has basically said finish our game now your jobless

PixlSheX3576d ago

damn i want to play a new AoE so bad.. *sniff*

shovelbum3576d ago

Man that sucks. I'm a big fan of the Age of Empires series and am pulling for Halo Wars more than ever so MS can realize then continue to deny the err of their ways.

GiantEnemyCrab3576d ago

"According to Shelley, “at least two new studios” will be formed by former employees, one of which will handle their online presence, and one to handle post-launch support for Halo Wars."

Sounds like we will be seeing at least 2 new studios.

PirateThom3576d ago

"one of which will handle their online presence, and one to handle post-launch support for Halo Wars."

Bare in mind, Microsoft have a studio set up exclusively for in-game advertising. If they were going to make games, a single studio is more effective than splitting the team.

Death3576d ago

There is no doubt having a first party studio is good, but there are benefits of having good relations with second and third party studios also. Long ago when Gameday was a great football game, Sony sacrificed the IP and studio in order to gain third party support from EA. It's business and it's politics all into one. Creators want independance and console manufacturers want less fiscal responsibility. It's a crazy messed up market. I hate seeing Ensemble close it's doors, but at the same time most great companies are founded from the ashes of great companies.



Lets show microsoft how wrong they are by shutting Ensemble Studios down. Make Halo Wars sell a few million if you dont have a 360 but Halo Wars anyway.

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KingDizzi3576d ago

Simple terrible news, MS shutting down a great studio. Retards. :(

paul-p19883575d ago

They are kinda lucky the guys who made Halo had the money to buy themselves off, otherwise they woulda completly destroyed there games division (Halo is basically wat runs the 360).

Some very bad moves by M$, but its not that suprising, the only thing they are good at is buying stuff, but never knowing what to do with it afterwards...

Bathyj3576d ago

Go work for Sony.

They take care of their Devs.

BrunoM3576d ago

Even if fanboys dont like it that damn true...!!!

sony does have an amasing number of studios under them .. hey get these ones and i bet they can make a game bettear than halo war cus after all they did make halo wars ...

Bathyj3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I didn't say it to be a fanboy or rub Xbox fans face in it. Its just a fact.

While M$ is throwing money everywhere buying exclusives or even more feeble, exclusive DLC (man thats so weak, this is what they've sunk to), their family they should be looking after is suffering. Studios are all just closing or leaving. Buying games is such short term vision. Looking after your studios is a long term investment.

Its almost like they're not going to make an XB3. I dont believe that, but what are we supposed to think when they dont care about 1st parties, and 1st parties usually make the best games, except on rare occassions like MGS. What will they have left for next gen? Are they just going to buy every game?

I suppose you could argue the best games on 360 haven't been 1st party but 3rd party. Thats true, but its likely cos they havent encouraged studios enough from the beginning. Seriously, if Gears is your best game, thats just not good enough in my book. So overatted. They should have made something better themselves by now.

A software company with no software developers.

LeonSKennedy4Life3576d ago

I forgot about Factor 5!

Yeah...I seem to remember Sony signing a contract with them so that they owned the company.

Oh, wait...that never happened. They just spent multi-millions on advertising Lair to help Factor 5.

I guess that WAS Sony's fault...for not shutting down a studio they didn't own.

You're a frickin' know that?

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TheColbertinator3576d ago

That sucks.

Age of Empires was a great franchise

BrunoM3576d ago

i agree one of my fav pc games ..

what ever they fuking got money to pay for stupid dlc that people dont want and they didnt have money to keep a nice stupid with good devs open BULLLLL!!!!

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