Report: PS3 Wins By 2010

It's all going to come down to software, like it always does, but for the sake of argument, let's just say the PS3 is looking better than expected. More reports like this one keep cropping up...they gotta mean something....

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Syko4279d ago

I bet that guy in the picture was crushed when he ended up selling that PS3 for the MSRP on Ebay. But when the picture was taken he thought he was rich.

BIadestarX4279d ago

Seriously, what's the purpose of these articles?
This can be translated to:
1) The PS3 is not worth buy until 2010.
2) The PS3 is the future so buy it now and be happy after 2010.

advice: if you like a game or you like the brand buy it now.

InMyOpinion4279d ago

Who's winning now? That's what's important.

FordGTGuy4279d ago

I love the movie time machine to bad its no real. Ohhh wait that means this article is a bunch of BS :(.........................

GaMr-4279d ago

Thats fanboy fodder. I want the win. Could careless for a console. I hope by "Sony wins" they mean people who choose Sony will be having a kick arse good time gaming by 2010. If it means Sony will have just sold more consoles than their competitors then I can careless. That benefits my life and gaming experience in no way shape or form. Im not concerned about sales. The console will sell without a doubt. People can deny that all they want but PS2's success well a good 70% of it was after the first price cut. So sales will be made. I just want a re-run of the gaming experience I had with PS2. That would be considered a win for me. The rest of you guys can cheer on your console.


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The story is too old to be commented.