Gamerlimit Exclusive: A hands-on look at the PS3 Exclusive Mirror's Edge level "Synethesia"

Gamerlimit brings you an exclusive look at the new, free map for PS3 Mirrors Edge owners. If you haven't download it yet, go do it! If you don't own Mirrors Edge, give it a rent, and treat yourself to a free look at what the new DLC will be like. Read on for impressions of "Synesthesia".

Synesthesia is defined as a "neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway." The time trial map is as ascetically pleasing as it is fun to run through.

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Fullish3552d ago

Good score, although is this coming out for the PC version?

Ziriux3552d ago

That is quite yummy! This game is beautiful, a gem of a game, the gameplay is superior.

kaironn3552d ago

Nice! Now I know what it looks like.....interesting...

George Sears3552d ago

Is this game even worth it? I played the demo and it was somewhat good, but I feared that the running and jumping would get very repetitive and boring.

So is this game worth it?

chrisjc3552d ago

I'd say yea. Rent it first. The Time Trials are where it's at. It's a short action game, but it's a LONG puzzle game. It's hard to explain, but you have to find the best way to solve a level in the time trials, and that's a TON of fun. There's a review of it on Gamerlimit as well.

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