Playstation Home to get Namco Arcade

Good news for arcade fans all around! Earlier today we announced the arrival of Popcap games to the PSN. Now, Namco is bringing it's classic heavy hitters to Playstation Home. In addition the classic shooter Xevious (which is in 3-D and HD), also included are Galaga, Pac-man, Digdug and Dragon Spirit.

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kaironn3547d ago

I might actually have to log back into Home when this comes out!

Fullish3547d ago

Haha hopefully they don't lead a charge of lots of bad casual games.

ape0073547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

oh my god

and now hhg mentions that there is a probability that sega have its own home space

can you believe it

crazy taxi,power stone,outrun,sonic

capcom space

ea space

and home "game launching feature" to be impleminted in each game

omg home will be crazy

but now all I have to do is chose a music and do the running man lol

and imagine

2k home space,where you see big daddies everywhere

activition home space

sony's own home spaces

imagination and possibilites are endless

but at that time,sony must put 200 or 300 maximum freinds cause,I will meet and chat to a lot of people who have different interests in different

BrunoM3547d ago

Well for more that people dont want to see it home is moving the right way... new spaces are coming ..

and thats good for all of us .. as for people not going in to home alot well i must say even tho im by home alll the way even i havent really gone in to home ... maibe because of work and the not having so much time ..

but all i can say im more than happy like any other ps3 owner that home is moving and home is going the right way!

Ziriux3547d ago

I'm impressed with the Playstation Home's latest additions it's proving to be better.

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The story is too old to be commented.