Joystiq review: Fallout 3's Operation: Anchorage

Joystiq writes:

"For the uninitiated, Operation: Anchorage sees players on a VR mission to infiltrate an Alaskan military installation, with a heavier emphasis on being stealthy than the main game. Yes, what we've just described could very well be the premise of the original Metal Gear Solid, but this is Fallout 3, right? Well, not exactly as you know it.

Operation: Anchorage is a 4-5 hour campaign (we got through it a bit quicker) that calls the game's FPS element into play more than we'd anticipated. In fact, the scenario is a linear one in the vein of Call of Duty and is very focused on action. Sure, the trademark V.A.T.S. targeting system is still present, but, most of the time, we found ourselves playing in a purely run-and-gun mindset. Still, there's a depth of story and uncanny attention to detail that very much manages to keep this DLC rooted in the Fallout universe."

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