GameDaily: Afro Samurai Review

Fans of Afro Samurai's anime gusto should feel right at home with his video game debut. You control Afro as he sword-slashes his way through renegade ninjas, hunting down those responsible for his father's death – mainly the "Numbah One" bandanna-wearing psychopath, Justice. Gameplay entails button-mashing slashes and kicks, but it satisfies. The platforming segments, however, could've used more effort. The luscious graphics do bring out the finer qualities of the anime, complete with striking water-brushed backdrops and fluid animation. It's a shame the camera constantly needs to be adjusted, though. Hip hop artist RZA also provides a fantastic soundtrack, complete with dramatic compositions and rap beats. The voicework is also up to par, thanks to the cast inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson (being Samuel L. Jackson, of course) and Ron Perlman. More single-player content would've been appreciated, but overall this Samurai cuts deep and true.

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