Sony Shoots Itself in Foot With Killzone Demo

Hardcore Christian Gamer Writes; "It was recently announced that Killzone 2 would be getting an exclusive demo for download to people who pre-order the game. Not only is the demo exclusive for pre-ordering consumers only, but it's an exclusive to GameStop stores. Does no else see the insanity that this entails? It's not a difficult thing to figure out. A demo is a demonstration of a product to try and rope in purchases. A taste which leaves me wanting more. I play the demo, I make up my mind and go from there. In typical short sited Sony, the over-all benefits of a readily available demo are being chopped up and traded for a small amount of pre-orders. It sure makes GameStop happy and it is nice to be comforted in high pre-order numbers, but something has been lost: the entire point of making a demo."

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MGOelite3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

EPIC FAIL!, the public demo is worldwide on febuary 26th

EDIT: to the guy below, i know that, this guy is saying they are shooting themself in the foot because is no public demo, im saying there is

Kamikaze1353553d ago

Next week for people who reserved

sonarus3553d ago

I dnt know about worldwide but i am pretty sure the demo launches in the UK store sometime before release.

This isn't the first time someone does promotion to boost preorders using demos but this is the first time i have seen someone go nuts about it. Obviously a symptom of KZ2 hype

Odion if you are reading this YOU WERE WRONG:D

MasFlowKiller3553d ago

I guess anyone can publish and article with out doing their research and get approved here in N4G.

To the people that reserved the game get to play it early this is a sing of confidence and to the people on the fence about buying it get to play it before the game comes out

BkaY3553d ago

i am getting the game on 26th.... heeeeeehaaaaaaa

lociefer3553d ago

LOL OMG he was searching so hard for something to bash kz2 with and he ended up with wrong info and an epic fail

L Ronald Hubbard3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Erhmm, mods do your job.

Remove this atrocious article.

acedoh3553d ago

for a big $5 you can insure you get to play the demo three weeks before release. Gamestop is the biggest game retailer in the U.S. With this deal hopefully they will insure midnight openings come release. I will be there if that is the case...

GameGambits3552d ago

Wow, this guy better take this whole thing down from his site or make a formal apology for being an uneducated idiot.

Hey caveman the demo is available for everyone for free Feb 27th off of the PSN store.

Would you like it to be available for everyone even on 360 and Wii too, since it seems like you don't know squat about PS3 related gaming? Whoever wrote this better get fired.

ProperFunked3552d ago

i pre-ordered for the demo, but there's also a hole in the wall game store down the street from the gamestop i go to that breaks street dates on regular basis. after playing the demo, i go back to gamestop and tell them "i want to cancel my pre-order cuz i didnt like the game after all." wah-lah. pre-order at the hole in the wall. =D

UltraNova3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Why so late mate? :p

I''ll be getting it on the 21st when the first shipment arrives at GAME! That's the good thing about having a mate who works there!

I'll be posting my impressions on the same day! (not spoilers of course )

Gamekilla3552d ago

it isn't umm short-sited.....its short-sighted

Anon19743552d ago

I don't understand. The demo is to sell your game. Why would you make it available to people who pre-ordered? We're already sold. Make it available to everybody to convert the people who aren't sure.

Which reminds me. I have to stop at EBgames today at lunch and pick up my Killzone 2 preorder demo code. Hey, I don't get the strategy, that doesn't mean I'm not going to play it!

IcarusOne3552d ago

This just sounds like an idiotic strategy. I know plenty of people who either A) haven't made up their minds about KZ2, or B) have never even heard of KZ2. A public demo before the game's release could easily help bolster opening day sales. Which is really all this guy is saying. What's wrong with wanting KZ2 to have a mammoth opening? Why all the hate? Are your penises really that ineffective?

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resistance1003553d ago

This story shoots itself in the foot, by not doing some research before hand

TheHater3553d ago

do you expect anything else from blogs?

Parapraxis3553d ago

do you expect anything less from a "Hardcore Christian Gamer".
That title in itself shows he doesn't do his research.

Nicolator3553d ago

EPIC FAIL!. article. lool.. ps getting ps3 kz2 .. 26th.. wow!

BrianC62343553d ago

Luckily the site seems to have crashed so I don't have to waste my time reading his jibberish. A lot of games have this deal now so it's no big deal. Most people will buy the game even without the demo.

Rikyfree3552d ago

Para, I am a Christian and a hardcore gamer. Please do not group me with that idiot.

jtucker783552d ago

Illiterate Hardcore Gamer.

I normally hate those a-holes that always point out spelling and grammar mistakes but this is horrific:

Christian gamer: "Does no else see the insanity that this in tales?"

"in tales"? That is pathetic.

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Vandan3553d ago

damn somebody wake this FFace up n they dditn let me publish a story that right after postiive reviews kz2 jumpedto no2 best sellign game on amazon ..........

cause ithad a link to direct retailer wtf:P

IcarusOne3552d ago

It takes about ten seconds (maybe longer for you) to re-read what you just typed. I highly recommend doing that next time. I'm assuming you went to school....somewhere. Don't be ashamed of your education and your ability to communicate via the typed word.

This applies to a lot of people on this site.

resistance1003553d ago

I can't believe theMART and toughNAME are approving this..............oh wait

edwineverready3553d ago

They are desperate for (bad) kz2 news.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3553d ago

LMAO Look at MART,the sheep drone approving this nonsense.

Everyone knows he got Killzowned on the reviews

DavidMacDougall3553d ago

toughNAME (3) - 55m ago
TheMART at Xboxkings (2) - 1h ago

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3553d ago

I bet they are searching the whole internet for any Negative KillZone 2 News!!! ;-D

And the xBots PM me saying i should get a life!!! ;-D

morganfell3553d ago

Christian Gamer? Really? Now that is an oxymoron. And look at the game he is complaining about not being able to play. Is it a crucifixion title? Is it a title where you send plagues of locusts against the pagan hordes of non believers? No. Seriously, this is a lame article written under a lame premise by a whiny, lame, malcontent.

CliffyBee3552d ago

Anyone that needs a demo to confirm this games awesomeness is clearly insane.

Cant wait to be Killzowned 27/2/09 with my limited edition tin case. BRING IT ON!!!!!

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