Halo 3 Sandbox Screenshot Leaked

Rumor is that the image to the left (click to enlarge), is of Sandbox. A new map from Bungie's Mythic Map Pack that is set to release with the Halo Wars Special Edition.

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Cajun Chicken3552d ago

Surely non-RTS gameplaying people aren't going to buy Halo Wars just for this...surely...?

BLUR1113552d ago

I'm sure the halo/RTS fans will though

trancefreak3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Blurr what is this sand box and what does it do. can someone elaborate at what im looking at here. Is this for halo 3 or the halo wars game???

Im getting my son a 360 for his b-day in march and this looks really cool.

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MerkinMax3552d ago

FYI those who are dissing this map. Everything you see on the map besides the ground is forgeable. I'm so happy they took Foundry and made a larger version. And for those of who don't play Halo 3, Forge is where you can move and edit objects on the map, which in this case is everything!

orakga3552d ago

They're going to force people to buy Halo Wars to download the Mythic Map pack?? I hope that's not the case.

Panthers3552d ago

That would be dirty. Not right to make someone buy a RTS to get FPS maps.

mcgrawgamer3552d ago

the maps will be included with halo wars, but I assume like all their other maps you'd be able to dl them from the marketplace for a price.

Immortal Kaim3552d ago

Yes the maps can be downloaded separately, but if you buy the Halo Wars CE you get them for free.

SixZeroFour3552d ago

yea, i believe that you can purchase it from the live marketplace, or get it free when you buy either halo wars or halo: there will be 3 ways to get the new halo 3 maps

ASSASSYN 36o3551d ago

Some of us don't care. I am getting halo wars anyways with the added benifit of wonderful halo 3 mythic maps.

cherrypie3551d ago

I've got Halo Wars pre-ordered because I love RTS. And it will be done well because Ensemble built it for Consoles "first" (w/r/t control).

I'll download the Mythic Map Pack when it arrives on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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The story is too old to be commented.