Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Analyzed and Dissected's Raymond Padilla writes: "By now, you should have seen the amazing Final Fantasy XIII trailer (HD link!). Shame on you if you haven't! Even if you have, you should watch it again, because it totally rules. Even if you've watched it 19 times, chances are you still have no idea what the hell is going on. After all, this is a Japanese role-playing game and they're notoriously difficult to decipher (if you can't read Japanese).

This is where I come in! I've put together a handy guide, complete with time stamps to help you understand what's happening in this incredible trailer. Along with my flippant comments (to which there are a lot). I've also provided some analysis on the brief gameplay sequence show in the trailer. Just keep in mind that I only took one semester of Japanese and wasn't able to read a thing in the trailer.

Check out my rolling commentary and let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my observations. Enjoy!"

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