New 1080p FFXIII Trailer on Playstation Store

Square-Enix gave us a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer yesterday but their HD offering was nothing more than slightly higher quality than their SD version. Square-Enix have now published the full 1080p trailer on the European Playstation Store which is the first actual HD (not resized) trailer they've released. It's available to download through the source too.

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George Sears3552d ago

Jeez man way to start the comments.

pwnsause3552d ago

George Sears Aka Solidus Snake, Hes QFT.

Milky Joe3552d ago

TBH, you can't trust what Solidus says. He likes to train small boys and watch them fight in wars. Plus he can be tricked by an old guy with a revolver fetish.

Then again, he is rather tasty with a blade.

Bnet3433552d ago

What's the point of the Open Zone? I will download this trailer after the FEAR 2 demo is finished. Let's see what it shows.

meepmoopmeep3552d ago


the US store is only 720p
thank goodness for my EU account

lordgodalming3552d ago

I hope that in the year+ before this reaches the West, Square shores up that framerate. When I watched the vid online, I could blame my connection, but when I'm watching it on my TV, there's just no getting around it. The battle scenes look like they're running at about 20fps. Max. On the other hand, gotta love a 3-minute FFXIII trailer on my TV instead of my laptop. On the third and final hand, I remember when Best Buy said this game AND the FFVII remake for PS3 were coming out in December 06. Overall, B-.

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blackbeld3552d ago

Who cares!! wait for the versus is better.

Shadow Man3552d ago

Still butthurt that MS stole another exclusive from the ps3?

Araceae3552d ago

I’m looking forward to both, but I do think FFvXIII does look more interesting to me. It has nothing to do with exclusivity, and everything to do with the tone, mood, characters, and supposed mature rating.

Spike473552d ago

Too bad I might have to miss it.

meepmoopmeep3552d ago

yeah, i'm also curious as to why as well.

Figboy3552d ago

Square can lick my balls as far as their other franchises are concerned, but they DO tend to give the FF proper series it's respect.

FFVI, VIII, IX, and XII were really good.

FFXIII is looking rather good as well.

they know that this is their flagship series, and overall, they've treated it well over the decades (if you discount all the poor spin-offs).

while i'd love to see a third Chrono game, or a remake of the first 2 (on PS3 or PSP, no more DS remakes that look like PS1 and N64 games), i'll still enjoy the FF series for it's amazing production values.

i don't understand some of the complaints i saw the other day about the visuals either. i downloaded the 1080p video from the EU store today, and watched it on my HDTV, and i thought the in game visuals looked STUNNING. better than Star Ocean IV (which has really good visuals, also).

i may not be happy with some of Square's antics this generation (constant old school FF remakes on the DS instead of spreading the love to the PSP or PS2/PS3, making FFXIII multi-plat, although it being developed first on the PS3 is a GOOD thing, and it won't affect EITHER version of the game), the FF games are the ONLY thing from their house that has me interested.

i'm really interested in FF Versus XIII, as the setting (a sort of modern day, slightly futuristic setting), has me more intrigued than the FFXIII setting, but FFXIII still looks brilliant.

it's perfectly fine to hate the company (Square/MS, whatever), but DON'T hate on the game just because the powers that be made some decisions you don't like.

that's what the gaming media and haters at large have been doing to EVERY Playstation 3 exclusive for the past 4 years.

even when the games are genuinely GOOD (Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Folklore, Uncharted, KZ2, etc), the haters have let their grudge/vendetta with SONY impair their judgment instead of evaluating the games for what they were.

it's like EA. EA sucks ass, but Dead Space was a brilliant survival horror game, so i give credit where it's due.

Final Fantasy XIII looks like an RPG. and a rather good one at that. the battle system looks interesting, although an explanation is certainly needed before i make a real judgment call on it, and the graphics DO look rather good, and there were times when it was hard to tell the in game from the CG (not many times, but sometimes it took a few seconds for me to search out the tell tale signs of in game or CG - hint: character's hair is the easiest to bag as in game or CG).

i'm really excited for it, but i'm pretty annoyed that a NA release will be delayed because of the need to release both the 360 and PS3 versions at the same time. if the English localization is done for the PS3 version, then RELEASE THE DAMN GAME!

THOSE are the reasons why Microsoft has such a low "brand faith" rating amongst consumers.

you know they bought a simultaneous release, which just irritates PS fans. i don't care if the game is multi-plat, but knowing that the version I was going to buy is just sitting their while they finish the version i'm NOT going to buy is annoying, and makes me pissy at Microsoft. if i didn't already have a 360, i'd rebel by delaying any purchases of 360 related stuff for a later date, or from used bins.

but i'm not that petty. doesn't mean i can't be tempted...

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