Killzone 2 has £2million advertising budget in the UK

Following poor financial results, Sony is set to spend a massive £4 million on advertising in the first quarter of this year in the United Kingdom.

The largest chunk of that cash - £2 million - will go on Killzone 2, by far the company's biggest upcoming title.

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KingDizzi3549d ago

Better late the never for R2 and Motorstorm: PR but VERY good news about Killzone 2. This one will sell big numbers, advertising will just bulk the numbers by a huge amount.

People need to know about this game and know they will. :D

xwabbit3549d ago

Wish they did this from the start. Good to see they are doing it right this time ^_^.

theKiller3549d ago

i hope this huge advertising wont be limited to only UK, i hope sony spends more on USA and other areas!

KZ2 will be as huge as MGS4

FredFredrickson3549d ago

"People need to know about this game and know they will."

How much of that £2 million will go towards planting people on websites like N4G to promote the game?

whoelse3549d ago

Wow thats twice the amount for LBP!!

Well I guess it's better late than never, I guess Sony decided it's best to market the console behind a major sequel instead of the Christmas period.

Ratchet_Co3549d ago

Agreed, this is VERY good news, Killzone 2 will be a success. Hopefully there will be that kind of advertising in the U.S as well.

GameGambits3549d ago

Dang that's a lot of chedda. I'm glad Sony is taking a big money risk with this game, because the world's reviews are already solidifying this as one of the best games ever. IGN AU said it's worth the price tag of getting a PS3 JUST to play this. That's huge praise.

I know I bought my PS3 just for Killzone in December. After that I've convinced 5 friends off of Xbox Live to do the same, because this game is worth every single cent. :)

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i_like_ff73549d ago

I wanna superbowl killzone 2 ad!

IzKyD13313549d ago

I doubt their will be an ad specifically for Killzone 2, but a PS3 ad might be possible (super bowl ads cost like 3 million per 30 seconds, it wouldn't be a smart business move to spend all that money to advertise one game when you could advertise several)

Keyser3548d ago

The super bowl is one of the most watched programs in the world. Sony should have had a Helghast walk by Barack Obama during his swearing in speech which happened to be the most watched event ever on tv.

I grew tired of all the Halo 3 ads but that's exactly the way I want to feel about Killzone2. I want to be pissed that they are having a Killzone 2 pool party with douche actors on MTV. I wanna be pissed that Terrence and Rocsi keep doing the Killzone 2 two step on 106 and Park. I want to be ticked off that Katie Couric decided to wear a Helghan mask during Killzone 2 week on CBS nightly news.

They should advertise Killzone 2 as if they found the Titanic unsunk in a port in Miami. I should have Killzone 2 place mats staring at me at Ruby Tuesday with commemorative Killzone 2 forks! I know this sounds excessive but so many good PS3 games have fallen by the wayside due to poor or odd advertising. If there was ever a time to get it right...this is one of those times.

DeforMAKulizer3549d ago

Sony need to advertise the hell out of their lineup! =D
2 million pounds for KZ 2 alone should be enough! =D

Omega63549d ago

Sony better advertise the hell out of KZ2 or it will tarnish my view of Sony. What happened to the days of the ps2 and psone when Sony had such kickass commercials? Now I have to sit and watch some emo kid walk down a street with a vague reference to a video game on his shirt.

interrergator3549d ago

ik omega agreed every day i see god of war devil may cry where is that old sony i used to know

Simon_Brezhnev3549d ago

do you think they comercials sucked since Phil Harrison left imo, i think so i want him back

IzKyD13313549d ago

The Ratchet and Clank ads for the PS2 were AMAZING

oriol0033549d ago

About time Sony does some spending.

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