First Details of Madden NFL 10 Revealed

New Madden NFL 10 Producer Ian Cummings has released the first details of EA Sports' Madden NFL 10 exclusively at Operation Sports. A further big announcement is scheduled for half-time during this Sunday's NFL Super Bowl.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3551d ago

so that what the new sports games will be named? LOL. Hey, lets go play nhl 10. Sounds wierd.

resistance1003551d ago

i'd imagine it would be 2010, not just 10

operationsports3551d ago

Actually, EA confirmed it is 10.

originalrece3550d ago

one feature i think they need to work on is the CROWD
i think it would be awesome if the crowd could be lowder especially on like 4rd and goal 4th quater for the game winner if they could make your controller shake i think that would be great.
also maybe a national anthom at the begining and u know the f16s fly over. and maybe at the big games a lil halftime show, and maybe highlight from the other games if your doin a franchise.

it needs to feel like im watchin a game sunday u know
GO falcons!!

yeahspring3550d ago

i think they should add the dna feature from nba 09 live were if the person has a bad game in real life its going to play out like that in the game or if they had a great game it would play out like that or even if a player are injured in real life that injury would transfer over to the game