Is 2009 the year of the PS3? That is the question

IT Wire writes: "As standalone Blu-ray players drop in price, does the PlayStation 3 have the ability to survive on its own merit?

What is that sound, that growing murmur and grumbling? Yep, once again it is the media masses questioning the price structure of the Sony flagship device.

Locally some pundits have, brought up the old chestnut pricing comparison between the U.S and Australia, though the SmartHouse story and subsequent price comparison fails to take into account sales tax in the U.S.

The comparison of US$399 PS3 at Best Buy using the current exchange rate, equates to an Australian price of around AU$595, which doesn't compare well with the Australian RRP of around AU$689."

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Hellsvacancy3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

If Sony stick to there 10 year plan (which im sure they will) itll b the DECADE of the Ps3 mark my words fanbois

elorm93549d ago

KZ2 is just the first step of 2009, but a leap for the decade

Yeah I know, that sounds like something that astronaut guy said

chaosatom3549d ago

So I don't see Why can't it be the year of ps3.

HighDefinition3549d ago

The best thing since sliced bread.

Roleplayer3549d ago

don't you mean toast ? - cos that's what the PS3 is.

HighDefinition3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The PS3 is toast, my friend. Only 14 year olds would actually believe that.

Huh3549d ago

of course it is the year of the ps3 let me ask you a question when is the year of the xbox 360 and dont you say 2020 that is the year of alan wake

ultimolu3549d ago

All I know is that this will be the year for gamers.

Omega63549d ago

Of course it is. Look at how many playstation fans are on this site. I mean these 360 fanboys are quick to label us all fanboys and act like the fact that there are much more of us that just simply like the ps3 is our fault. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THE PS3 IS AN AWESOME CONSOLE.

Omega43549d ago

Interesting choice of name and clearly got very good taste..... -_-

But back to the topic, every year starts as being the year of the PS3 but by the end of each one it ends up failing

I can already see it now, GT5 and GOWIII end up being 2010 titles, Sony only cuts the price by $50 making only a minor impact, K2 fails to boost PS3 hardware significantly, 1st party exclusives review relatively well (infamous, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2) but get over shadowed and out sold but bigger multiplatform sequels (RE5, Bioshock 2, COD:6 etc)

But who knows maybe Sony can surprise everyone and actually make a comeback

Omega63549d ago

Um, Omega4 thanks for stealing my name and avatar.
Anyway, the ps3 has BEEN on its comeback.
Tell me why 5 of my girlfriends cousins are ALL getting ps3s and selling their 360' And they don't even KNOW about Killzone 2!
A lot of casual gamers are finding more and more reasons to own a ps3 now when they couldnt find that many before.

Omega43549d ago

"And they don't even KNOW about Killzone 2!"

They know a fanboy like yourself and DONT know about K2, WOW thats amazing I guess K2 might sell even worst than I first thought

"selling their 360's"

At least they got to play a great system, the only reason i can see them selling it is because someone polluted their mind *cough* YOU *cough*

I stole your avatar and name!? You wish!

M-Easy3549d ago

Using my superiour dedcutive logic I think Omega 4 stole from 6

Omega63549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Actually everytime I tried to get them to buy a ps3 they just ignored me, they arent my friends btw and im boning their cousin. The real reason why they decided to buy ps3s is because Gears 2 so broken and cheap now, their words not mine. I told them not to sell their 360s actually because its cool to own both as I do myself, GT: PBK Dread9(MY GEARS OF WAR CLAN) PS: Dread9

Just face it, everyone likes this Omega more than you.

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