News Roundup: PS4 Discovered, Fallout 3 Successor and More

Today was a big day in news. We found out some dirt on what Bethesda is up to, as well as some info on how Sony is doing financially. Not to mention the bombshell discovery of PS4 tech specs...

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zootang3550d ago

Some blog says they Know something about PS4 Spec's?

This just in Xbox 720 to use blu ray details on my blog!!! c'mon please

ThanatosDMC3550d ago

A super saiyan is inside this time around.

AAACE53550d ago

All companies will try to keep the price of their console cheap, so Nintendo doesn't have the advantage in price like in this gen, meaning that hardware will probably be a little more powerful than it is now. MS will more than likely use the Blu-ray format, unless they find another format that they think gives them an advantage while keeping cost low(unlikely).

Price will be the main concern for the next gen. So in order to figure out what to expect in the future... keep price in mind!

solidsnakus3550d ago

price is what to keep in mind for THIS gen. the financial meltdown last year is what made the ps3s sell 1/2 as much as 360s.

FarEastOrient3550d ago


Nice so when my PS4 plays regular media files it stays black, but when it starts playing games it changes colors into gold. Sweet!

Ryudo3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

That's a console called the PSX you morons its a PS2 with a hard drive exclusive to japan. Its basically used for media storage and playing Final Fantasy 11 you can also record your game play footage as you play. I cant believe people are stupid enough to fall for this.

Notice the wired pad did the PS4 take a step backwards?

XboxOZ3603549d ago

Agreed mate . . .looked fine at the time, and sold okay, but not enough to actually have them keep it going. basically a big dud sadly.

But it's interesting that there's really no info if you follow the link, just lots of more links to have you follow links hehehe

mfwahwah3549d ago


The picture has nothing to do with the article dumb****.

FrankenLife3549d ago

The Motorstorm Dev team didn't find out the tech specs for the PS3 until the E3 powerpoint, and these people think they have the specs for the PS4 after the PS3 is just starting it's third year of life. BS. This trash isn't even good enough to make the rumors page of credible sites.

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cain1413550d ago

Yeah that PS4 info is probably bogus...

DeadlyFire3549d ago

All they are saying really is that the core die will get smaller and just increase the number of cores not really changing the whole Cell design for a new chip. < That is common sense though. Every new CPU does that now. That is what I expect out of the Cell 2 anyway somewhere between 8-32 cores with at least 32+ threads working at the same time with the chip going up from 3.2 Ghz up to 4.0 Ghz this time around. Only makes sense PS4 to run at 4 Ghz. This information though isn't new about the Cell chip. Its just more speculation really.

Either way cores are not the only thing to pay attention to as far as the processing goes. Right now PS3 and X360 both use up to 6 threads for processing in both chips. Making them almost the same, but the PS3 does so in a way that makes it run faster with the Cell design with each SPE doing its own thing. Likely Sony and IBM will expand with this idea. Using around 8-32 SPEs and 2-8 PPEs on the new chip. Only time will reveal the exact details, but either way its likely that each SPE will process between 1-4 threads at a time so depending on that the numbers will vary. In the End though I expect 32 threads to be running on the PS4 and maybe Xbox 720 that is at least 5 times more than what is running now in the PS3 and X360.

Watkins3550d ago

Definitely bogus yeah.
There's nothing really interesting mentioned in the article. Nothing new at all actually. Those versions of the Cell exist today, and nothing new is mentioned really, they're just modifying the PS3 a wee bit. Just pure speculations, and little facts.

walken73550d ago

I know these are rumors, but this is getting excessive. This just in Nintendo is working on their new system, the wii-tarded.

Elvfam5113550d ago

I have all the info on the ps4 but i can't tell you guys sorry lol

Zeevious3550d ago

That OnePS4-All gaming initiative to bring a PS4 to each and every one of the worlds poorest people isn't for another 10 years!


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