Phil Harrison: We Are Under No Pressure to Drop PS3's Price

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison told that he has "no regrets whatsoever" about Blu-ray and the PS3 launch and that Sony does not feel any pressure to drop the PS3's price this year.

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BenzMoney4250d ago

...or is putting out proverbial fires all this guy does anymore? He's a firefighter, not an executive! It seems like the fire is starting to get out of control on Sony lately. They just can't seem to stay on top of it.

Syko4250d ago

They aren't under any pressure until MS makes a stink with price cuts. Then they will be under pressure. (Except Japan)

THWIP4250d ago

"Microsoft's approach I think is far too built around a single game IP, one IP, and they could learn the benefits of a killer catalog rather than a killer application. And having the broad software support in multiple genres, in multiple categories, in multiple age groups is what really propels a platform for the long-term. So I think those are the differences that we see between the platforms. "

As of today....about 8 months away from the release of MS's "one IP" (he obviously means Halo 3).... the 360 has a FAR SUPERIOR library to the PS3's. If you compare exclusives, Sony has really lost a lot of leverage from last gen to now; the PS3 simply doesn't have the dev support, because it doesn't have the installed base.

Keep talking, Phil...maybe you'll finally reach an audience that's foolish enough to buy what you're sellin'.

Devastator_oftheweak4250d ago

I agree with sony's decision on their price, just look at what you get. For $600 you get more than you got with the XBOX 360.

Sony: PS3
60 GB HDD compatiability to upgrade to larger hard drive
BLU-Ray Optical DVD Drive (Storage medium of 25 GB up to 50 GB)
Internet Browser (Doesn't effect the cost but still nice)
HDMI Output (sure its not necessary for HD right now, but maybe soon)
Swappable OS ( ability to completely customize your operating system)
PS3/PS2/PS1 system software backward compatability

$499.00 (premium System)
20GB HDD (5GB used for operating system miscellaneous files)
Componet Cables for High Definition output
Limited Backward Compatability to XBOX software
Standard DVD Drive (Option for HD-DVD drive costs $199.00)

Why should sony drop the price they built the better system, everyone is quick to jump the gun and hate the new-comer to the ring, but when the games that you desperately want to play come out on that system, you will buy one. Everyone is a fanboy, I am no different, but I am a Game fanboy, I love all systems.

Syko4250d ago

Even though you are spreading lies. It is not 499.99 for the premium. It is 399.99. Plus you forgot it is HD ready out of the box, Which PS3 is not (Only composite cable packed in). No standard Headset packed in like the 360 has. Which leads to over half the people online not having headsets and talking.

Yes Blu-Ray is an advantage, but the problem is you are paying for it, you just don't have the option not to even though it is not needed for games. Sure it can hold a CGI heavy RPG on 1 disc but the same game can be done on 360 with 3-4 discs which is fine by me when it saves me 200$

But anyways I disagree with your post, Double check your facts before you make yourself sound stupid again....I said good day sir. Now be gone

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The story is too old to be commented.