In Memory of the Gears 2 Glitches

Sir_Android takes a look at glitches that lost their lives in the recent title update of Gears of War 2.

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bomboclaat_gamer3552d ago

nice to see the glitches fixed. now certain people will shut up

AnthraxNapkin3552d ago

to bad you can still do most of the glitches they sad they fixed

AnthraxNapkin3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

as kool aid always says...Ohh Yeah

rbluetank3551d ago

i was playing on blooddrive and they gernaded tagged the exit spot. the first time i went through the door i did not die. I respawned in the same spot for the second and third time i died on the spot. people are still crab walking and glitching. the laggy games and glitchy games are still there. the game can not be saved only endured. epic is just putting on a "act" for more sells of gears2. they know this game is shiat!!! side note!! "Never sleep" Or R2 has fixed the Stalker from just standing still.. this just proves that somethings can be fixed and others can not!!! aka gears 2.