Sims of sims: 10 ways to escape from escapism

GamesRadar writes:

"Back in the day we got our thrills by physically pretending to do things we couldn't actually do. We drove go-karts to simulate NASCAR racing and bashed our LEGOs into each other while saying "PEW PEW PEW!" because we didn't have any TIE fighters on hand. Then videogames came along and were all like, "You wanna blow up some TIE fighters?" and we were like, "Yeah we do," and they were like, "Well check this shit out," and that was great.

After a while, however, even that got a bit tiresome, and as we got older and our disdain for doing things grew, game publishers caught on. That's why we can now pretend to pretend to do things, distancing ourselves from actual activity as thoroughly as modern technology will allow. As evidence, here are 10 games that don't let you pretend to be a soldier, a star athlete or anything remotely cool, but do let you pretend to pretend to be them, which is just what we always wanted."

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