PS Blog: Show Off Your PlayStation Credit Card

Kim Nguyen, the Marketing Manager for PLAYSTATION 3 writes:

"Due to the overwhelming response for the PlayStation credit card and its holiday introductory offer, we've decided to extend the PS3 hardware savings to those looking for added incentive to sign up for their very own branded plastic."

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meepmoopmeep3553d ago

it would be awesome if they had
a selection of card designs with PS exclusive games

i would get one fo' sheezy then
(if they had an ICO or SotC one)

mirroredderorrim3553d ago

I may get this and use it for awhile, as all of my other cards are cut!

ultimolu3553d ago

Bah, I only have one now. Staying out of debt is the way to go. I do like meep's idea. Sony should do that.

Imagine a Killzone 2 Playstation card! :o

You'll be too busy looking at it instead of using it. :o]

Zeevious3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

There was even an option during the November promotion to get the card, use it at any authorized retailer (Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, etc.) and STILL get the $150 off, plus any store promotion...up till the beginning of March.

Waiting a little longer would have gotten you a new 80 Gig PS3 for $200 combined with Amazon's $50 off deal:

You could have also used this with any other deal.

Purchasing direct from Sony or another retailer was just too good a deal, and there's a similar $100 promotion going on now.

You could always buy it on the card through this deal, and just instantly pay off the entire balance like I did. You don't even have to leave the house...who could ask for an easier way to buy a PS3?