What would be in your ideal PS3 Bundle?

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"It is my opinion that all PS3 systems should be bundled with a headset, after all the PS3 is meant to be an online hub and with Playstation Home and games such as Killzone 2 requiring communication on a large scale, surely it would make sense to include one? Anyway below is a poll asking what would make up your ideal bundle, please take time to vote by selecting two choices from the list and let us know your opinion on how much you would be willing to pay for this.

All findings will be forwarded to Sony."

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sak5003552d ago

@ $199 with xbox360 controller and no [email protected] bluray.

MGOelite3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

i know it doesnt seem like it but the 360 load takes longer, i tried it at my mates, when you put L4D in drive it takes 8 seconds before the game even starts on autorun, on ps3 the disc (R2) appears on the XMB after 4 seconds, so how is blu ray slow ass?

Pennywise3552d ago

YEAH!!! With a side of Error 74 and RROD!!! Buy now and we will even throw in a disc tray that will eat your favorite games at will!!!

rucky3552d ago

Sorry but Microsoft are the piece of sh!t makers, not Sony.

MGOelite3552d ago

PS3 action bundle,

160GB PS3

2 DS3s

official PS3 headset


Resistance 2

uncharted drakes fortune

Fallout 3

dead space


The darknight blu ray

and about £50 download card

i would pay about £500-£550 for this

Pennywise3552d ago

Take out WAW and throw in KZ2 and you got a sale from me!

MAR-TYR-DOM3552d ago

PS3 80GB
2 - DS3 controllers
$10 PSN Card
Official PS Blutooth Headset
HDMI Cable

For sure i would buy this

theKiller3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

ps3 at $299 with MGS4 and KZ2!!!

bubble me if u agree

M-Easy3552d ago

You want them to give a bj while you're at it? Yeeesh

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PirateThom3552d ago

Realistcally, with realistic pricing:
160GB PS3
Dual Shock 3 x 2
HDMI Cable
Killzone 2
The Dark Knight
Official Headset


Mindboggle3552d ago

That is pretty realistic apart from the 160gb bit as you could buy a PS3 80gb plus killzone 2 with a dualshock 3 for £300. Then...

Little Big Planet £17.99 (Amazon)
Darknight (£15)
Hdmi Cable (Max £10)
Offical Headset (£20)
Another Dualshock 3 (£30)

Thats less than £100 so that bundle is very much possible and im sure would be a huge hit if Sony sold it for £399.

CrippleH3552d ago

PS3 80 GB
all the essentials.
Killzone 2
and a official PS3 headset.

Around 400.

3552d ago
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