Rumor: Section 8 A Timed PS3 Exclusive

Blend Games writes:

"We've recently received an update regarding the scenario for Section 8 on the PlayStation 3. While the details are sketchy, there's a strong possibility that the game could still make it onto the PlayStation 3, it just might not be this year."

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Captain Tuttle3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

"According to a recent tip, the PS3 version of Section 8 hasn’t officially been canceled. This would explain why the game has a 2009 release spanning only the PC and Xbox 360. Expect some exclusive content for the PS3 version when it does land on retailer shelves, though."

It hasn't been "officially" canceled for the PS3 so it might be a timed exclusive on the PS3? He's right, nonsense.

Parapraxis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

uhh...I read the article bubs.

Captain Tuttle3547d ago

So you approved an article with a lousy title.


Parapraxis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It was the title on the site.
Whoopidy doo da yay.
I wanted him to explain WHY that's all.

Giriath3547d ago

Whoever made that title must've been very tired or fishing for hits. This is an Xbox 360 (and PC, of course) "exclusive", so of course it will show up on the Playstation 3 with more content later on. Look at Bioshock and Eternal Sonata.

proArchy3547d ago

I would hope so. The exo-suits are neat. I assume through the game you will have the opportunity to play with several of them. If done right they should offer completely different gameplay styles: assault, stealth, recon, etc. It would be a pity if i had to play this on my pc that was designed in the cretaceous period, instead of my ps3.

marinelife93547d ago

I'll need to see more than a CGI movie to even begin to care.

Fox013547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Does this mean the game is now good again?

Nineball21123547d ago

"Always use the original headline of the source article for your N4G headline when possible."

The title may stink, but it's the original title of the story. EOD.

Mindboggle3547d ago

It doesn't say once in the article about the PS3 version being timed exclusive. Complete garbage title. Always use the original title, never make up your own, especially ones that are completely wrong.

callahan093547d ago

I feel like whoever wrote the title simply screwed up on their grammar. I think they were trying to imply it's a timed exclusive (meaning for 360/PC) but still coming to PS3 later.

blackpanther253547d ago

no it may still suck no matter what system its on. I couldn't care less for this game personally. I rather stick to halo3 and killzone 2

thats_just_prime3547d ago

given that the game is all but canned for the ps3 its hard to believe that it will have any kind of exclusive for the ps3.

duplissi3547d ago

didnt i see an article the other day about the ps3 being snubbed concerning this game?

kevoncox3547d ago

That's where Section 8 picks up, with Alex Corde (the player's character) "burning in" to one of the outer-rim planets to investigate the situation. For the record, "burning in" is one of the most original ideas in Section 8. It's the way players enter the battlefield and it starts at 15,000 feet above ground. From there players plummet (in five seconds) to the surface and start battle. All in first-person and with an appropriately satisfying "thud" at its conclusion.

Burning in allows the playing field to be free of spawn points, thus players can point to virtually anywhere on the map and launch an offensive or provide reinforcements. Dissuading opposing teams from certain areas are the capture points themselves. While some games have you simply raising a flag for your team, Section 8 provides you with equipment that then gives you a tactical advantage. Sometimes it'll be anti-air cannons that shred through soldiers trying to burn in on your position. Other times you'll get a sensor array that provides radar.

Beyond that, the officers in Section 8 also have vehicles that they can summon from the heavens. While there's no currency in Section 8, instead there are requisition points. Requisition points are earned by capturing areas on the map and will earn you things like the heavy armor suit (mech) or a four-seater tank (each seat with a unique weapon).

Soldiers in Section 8 aren't limited to a sniper, assault or heavy weapons class; instead they're free to customize and save several of their own classes using the numerous customization options. There are two core customizations: active and passive. Active customization means things like shoulder-mounted mortars or a repair tool that will heal your armored suit on the fly. Passive modules provide things like added speed and enhanced mobility on the jetpack that every suit in Section 8 comes with. These modules, as they are physical attachments to your suit, can be knocked off during battle with careful targeting or sheer luck.

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George Sears3547d ago

First time that I heard of this game.

meepmoopmeep3547d ago

nah, 2nd time

1st time was the article that it wasn't coming to PS3

George Sears3547d ago

Oh I see, and now the second article says that it is going to be a timed PS3 exclusive? But if you read the article, the title doesn't make any sense at all.

Parapraxis3547d ago

Shouldn't it be.."Rumor: Section 8 A Timed PC/360 Exclusive"?

Either way...I think PS3 owners will have enough games to enjoy in '09.

Drekken3547d ago

I was about to say the same thing. The title is screwed up.

Dom63903547d ago

The article has no reference to Section 8 being a timed PS3 exclusive :S If anything they say it'll be a Timed 360 exclusive with added content when it comes to ps3 just like Bioshock and the aforementioned Alone in the Dark

George Sears3547d ago

Agree, the title is screwed up.

killzone2flop3547d ago

It's not coming to ps3 end off.

Drekken3547d ago

Ok you are officially my favorite troll. I usually just shake my head at the utter nonsense, but you are a classic.

killzone2flop with a banjo avatar??? I LOVE THIS GUY!

MegaMohsi3547d ago

You may have to change that name of yours, I hope you havent seen the review scores for Killzone 2 today.

ultimolu3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

If you're going to troll, at least use a decent avatar and write an intelligent comment.

Fox013547d ago

Pls Ultimolu, don't talk about intelligent comments when you're one of the lamest fanboys on N4G. You always act like the PS3 is your kid or something therefore you take things way too seriouly.

ultimolu3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

"Pls Ultimolu, don't talk about intelligent comments when you're one of the lamest fanboys on N4G. You always act like the PS3 is your kid or something therefore you take things way too seriouly."

...Because your comments are any better?

Please, educate me. If you feel that my comments are horrible, then teach me your ways oh' wise one.

I tell it like it is. I defend the PS3 because I'm sick of the damn bashing and the attacks. But when Sony is wrong, I call them on their sh*t.

Do you do that with Microsoft?

Or you defend them both night and day?

I know you 360 fanboys hate me but I really don't care.

Fox013547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

You see the difference between both of us is this : I don't give a phuck about about Microsoft, BTW I have both consoles so I can tell without any bias which one is better in each particular area (hardware, software, online etc...). You (and you fellow Sony fans) on the other hand you spend all your time talking sh!t about the X360 when you don't even own one.

ultimolu3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I talk sh*t about the 360?

1. Because I don't like the fact Microsoft rushed a faulty console to the market just to be first?
2. Because I actually want to buy a system that won't die within a month?
3. Because I'm not fond of certain 360 games and I only want to play a few?
4. Because I tend to criticize Microsoft?

I don't understand Fox. Am I supposed to drop down and worship the 360?

I can criticize Microsoft for rushing to the market with no sense of direction and can also praise them for doing better with the 360 in terms of games. I have to admit that they pulled off some good moves this generation and they pulled off some I never thought was possible.

I can criticize Sony for being so damn arrogant when the PS3 came out and praise them for developing some of the best games I have ever played in sixteen years of gaming.

I can praise Nintendo for pulling off the right moves with the Nintendo Wii and I can criticize them for straying too far from hardcore.

I'm fair on all three consoles. I just cannot stand 360 fanboys and this stems from when I used to be at Gamespot. Time and time again, you heard 360 fanboys attack the PS3 like a couple of maniacs.

You could say fanboys in general are pretty bad.

hippo243547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Ultimolu is at it again.

Seriously, I would have more respect for you if you just said "yea I hate the xbox", Its not like anyone's going to give you negative feedback. and its not like anyone's believing you otherwise.

Sad thing is I AM going to get negative feedback for posting this while you will continue to get bubbles from your diehard friends.

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