Level 7 (Sweden) : Killzone 2 Review

Erik Hanson writes "Guerrilla Games has created a fantastic game engine. I have never been this impressed by a game, technically, the past and the brownish design fits me perfectly.The campaign is something awkward, too short and with too little variation, but also contains a couple of scenes that are very memorable.The weapons are extremely successful and feel as realistic future versions of today's military equipment.More game modes are the most fun I have experienced outside the Call of Duty Modern Warfare.Killzone 2 delivers simply at all levels and is a must in your game shelf."

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TheColbertinator3576d ago

I should mention that Level 7 is accepted into Metacritic.

GameGambits3576d ago

I love how people are whining about this game not getting higher than 9's/lack of 10's. Anyone can see this game is NEAR perfect, but isn't perfect. Most people will say no game ever is and that 10's are a joke. I agree, because this game you can already tell has minor flaws i.e. shortish campaign, some overly foul cheesy dialogue, knife and revive animations are lack luster, and well that's about it. That is enough though to keep it from perfect, but more along the lines of a 9.6ish in my opinion.

We'll wait till I play it to see if my early prediction meets the truth.

BigPappaPump3576d ago

Let the high scoring orgy continue. Haters beware, Killzone is proving to be THE TRUTH.

Huh3576d ago

wow another AAA metacritic approved score!!

Vino3576d ago

Been awhile since I've commented on this site, glad to see killzone 2 getting positive reviews.

LeonSKennedy4Life3576d ago

That's great...

...but how hard is it to give this game a 10, really?

Drekken3576d ago

I would love to see 10's, but honestly... let them give it 5's... who isnt going to buy this game??

SupaPlaya3576d ago

CONSISTENT with the scoring. Not a 9 here, and a 10 there for some equally great games.

What's worse in my opinion though, is when asked about why one game is scored lower than another, they tell you to not look at the score and look at the review.

Then stop giving out scores.

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