New Skate 2 DLC Available - Filmer Pack

EA has just released some more DLC for Skate 2 called the "Filmer Pack", and while being an odd price, it looks like this DLC could be worth the points.

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Yo Mama3550d ago

Just plain ridiculous, EA!

These features should have been on the retail disc.

Way to try and milk your customers.

Megaton3550d ago

The milk's gone sour. $5 DLC last week, $7.50 DLC this week. Has the game even been out for 2 weeks?

InMyOpinion3550d ago

I'm pretty sure the first SKATE had more video features from start. When I tried video mode in SKATE 2 I had a feeling this was on the way since it was so sparse. I hate EA for doing this...

madk3550d ago

I'm glad they are doing DLC..but this isn't for me.

Panthers3550d ago

Not this early. I dont think DLC should be planned before release. Maybe after release but not before.

mfwahwah3550d ago

If the DLC is out already, then it must have been completed for some time now. Why isn't it on the disc then? Or in a free patch?

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOVE skate 1 & 2, and it pisses me off to unbelievable levels that EA would think that this bull**** is acceptable. I'm keeping this post short because no amount of text can accurately express how I feel about this.

Maybe a face will help though: >:|

edwineverready3550d ago

I thought they changed after free dlc for miror's edge for ps3 and new ip's like dead space.

Staircase3550d ago

This is trash. DLC is one of the worst things to happen to gaming. If it was actually used correctly (Valkyria Chronicles) it is good, but devs like EA just leave out content so they can make people pay more.

Monty_The_Great3550d ago

don't get the DLC and then you don't have to worry about it.

InMyOpinion3550d ago

In SKATE 1 you could edit your videoclips to be in slow motion, add filters, fish-eye cam etc. In SKATE 2 they have removed all of those features and now want to charge you for it. That's just not right.

mfwahwah3550d ago


You want me to ignore this? Features like this should be in the game from the get-go. No excuses. NONE. NONE WHATSOEVER. AT ALL.

solidsnakus3550d ago

im buying skate 2 used just to show how much i dont support ea. lol