Amazon Offers Additional $5 Off Killzone 2 Pre-orders

PS-Deals writes:

"The Killzone 2 hype just keeps growing as it's February 27th release draws near.

The competition among retailers just got a bit more intense as Amazon has begun offering an additional $5 off promotion code for all pre-orders. Amazon already has Killzone 2 discounted to $56.99, but the $5 coupon code reduces the price to $51.99 with free shipping."

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meepmoopmeep3552d ago


i hope this applies to the CDN site as well
i'll keep it instead of getting the tin import

MAR-TYR-DOM3552d ago

it doesnt, only american buyers can take advantage of this deal.

BMS843552d ago

Here in the Netherlands K2 is gonna be allmost everywhere around 65 euro's ... it's not really fair , i should cancel my pre -order and pre -order the UK or the US version it's 2 times cheaper.

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MegaMohsi3552d ago

I'm gonna go midnight and pick this up from a store(hopefully they have a midnight release)

interrergator3552d ago

better be i wana play it all damn night

akbungle3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Now that's what I call a good story redid my order in under 3 minutes. Actually it's perfect since I actually paid $5.00 on Ebay for a demo code so now I don't have to feel so silly for that.