9.0 Killzone 2 Review Killzone 2 is exactly what we expected. A First Person Shooter Impact, a product recall, curato all'inverosimile and essential to strengthen the provision of recreational exclusive Playstation 3.

It is not a security issue, innovative, original, but the last member of a generally well-rooted in the collective, developed with amazing skill and dedication. The most revolutionary of fatigue Guerrilla is undoubtedly technically incomparable and irresistible, which pays full of obvious classical, rhythm and particular difficulties, crowned a glittering in its own way and exemplary.

From a playful Killzone makes courageous choices, along the path of maturity and realism without compromise, focuses on multiplayer, multifaceted approach to further the gaming experience. And it is dedicated, then, to lovers of War Movie, to fans of the game on the network, who prefers a reconstruction artistic raw and violent, scabra and faded. But even players who do not fall into these categories, we said, have good reason to be attracted by the first major production in 2009.

Killzone 2 is a statement of intent, a military assault conducted in due form against the bulwarks of the genus to which it belongs. E 'un gioco "cumbersome" (despite the brevity of the Single Player), claiming its overwhelmingly large audience and market. Manages to entertain, to intrigue, to gratify the sight and hearing. Exploiting potential techniques which until now was only mentioned. It becomes a new point of reference, and as such it must be acknowledged, though, implicitly, "exclude" a certain part of the public (those who seek at all costs "new" or those who love to take things lightly).

It 'a new model, built with elements of ancient experience. And a title, more or less indispensable.

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Rythrine3553d ago

Killzowned yet again XD


BigPappaPump3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

"Next generation don't start UNTIL WE SAY SO". I guess it's safe to say that Killzowned2 is proof in the putting.

@ bellow I stand corrected. I wasn't too sure how the cliche is properly said. Thanks for the correction.

Trollimite3553d ago

"its proof is in the pudding" not "in the putting" killzone rules

Rythrine3553d ago

@ Big

Couldn't agree more :)

Giriath3553d ago

I still don't really get why many reviewers don't consider the cover system, sharing of abilities among classes and the mission objectives changing randomly in multiplayer as original and innovative features. Gears of War's cover system was arguably its only innovative feature, and people treated it as if it was the first game to ever feature cover, even though it wasn't.

duplissi3553d ago

damn what is wrong with you people? its just a game, yet your all dancing in the streets as if peace was declared all over?

if its good its good.

if its bad its bad.

oh and if you guys so strongly feel that the ps3 doesnt need saving then why are you soooo eager to rub scores in 360 fans faces?

oh and dont any of you get on calling me a fanboy i only own a ps3 and my tag is duplisson look it up if you want.

GameGambits3553d ago

This seems really poorly written, so I'm just going to avoid it alltogether so I don't get a headache. :P

However, the score is well deserved. Let the review orgy continue! ;D

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dustgavin3553d ago

Yikes! It is almost scary to see this game getting so many good reviews.

Killzonegamer833553d ago

GG Is just kicking ass and taking names!! Today is such a great day!! You guys have to understand, to us PS3 owners, this is more than just another AAA title and great game.. This game DEFINES what the PS3 is and how any developer no matter what kind of mediocre games they have made in the past can come and make a blockbuster..

Think of it like this.. Guerilla games/Killzone 2 is like Rocky Balboa in Rocky 1, very much the underdog, everyone expects it to fail and everyone expected killzone 2 to fail the PS3 much like how everyone expected Rocky Balboa to lose..

actually Rocky lost against appolo creed in the first one.. umm sorry, nevermind.. bad analogy..

screw it.. bottom line is.. CONGRATS SONY AND GG, KILLZONE 2 WILL BE AMAZING AND GETTING IT DAY 1!! Keep the good reviews coming and Guerilla and sony.. continue to kick ass and take names

Canidae3553d ago

Now if February 27 could someone get here a little quicker, that would be awesome. Oh well, Street Fighter 4 should hold me over till then.

ALItheWISE3553d ago

Rocky did lose but he did WAY better then anyone expected him to do. And alot of people actually thought he won the first fight so that analogy really isnt bad at all.

DavidMacDougall3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Killzone 2 is doing really well

Disagree if your gay and not out the closest yet.

LeonSKennedy4Life3553d ago

I hit that "disagree".


killzone2flop3553d ago

What good reviews wasn't it suppose to get 10's across the board the way you lot were hyping Killzone 2 would get last week. Even Halo3 got better Reviews also Gears of War 2.

LeonSKennedy4Life3553d ago

There's really nothing to do but laugh at this point.

You, sir, have failed.

dustgavin3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Please take your mental illness to another site. Seriously, why would you make a screen name to show your hatred towards a title?

Queers of War3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

if a dumbass like yourself havnt realised yet, 9 or higher means AAA

im gunna watch as all your arguments wither until it comes down to:

"bu bu bu bu bu it took 4 years to make and costed 50millionsss!"

an by the way, you belong over there ------>

M337ING3553d ago

Standards get higher as time passes and games get better.

It was easier for Halo to get its 9.5s and the like back then then it is for Killzone 2 to get its...

redsquad3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Has the adage "we only attack that which we fear" ever been more appropriate?

Look, it isn't too hard to grasp.
If you genuinely believe KZ2 looks so bad and are a PS3 owner, then you have these wonderful human evolutionary tools known as 'common sense' and 'free will' that allows you the option of not buying it and moving on to something you do like.

On the other hand, if you're an Xbox owner who thinks KZ2 is going to be rubbish, then you can be relieved and thankful that it won't ever by 'sullying' your system. Coming here purely to spout vitriol at the game's expense is a waste of both your time and that of those who read it.

I love my PS3 and don't care enough about the Xbox to rubbish it. I would never, EVER visit a board, site or forum and sign on for the single purpose or rubbishing a game a could never play - That's just plain... silly.

Live and let live I say, even when it comes to inanimate chunks of plastic, metal & silicon. Why can't you be the same?

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