Nintendo earnings soar, Wii nears 45 million

"DS sales top 96 million as Mario Factory's nine-month earnings hit $17.1 billion; record full-year estimate lowered slightly due to Yen fluctuations but will still be record."

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pain777pas3642d ago

Look M$ this is what real domination which you've never tasted is all about. 45 to your 28 and came out a year after. Handheld market in a strangle hold. Call Nintendo the champ. Look I love them, grew up with mario and friends. I love that they are doing well and want my kids to play Nintendo games first to know what games are all about. Now everyone whether you have a WII or not show your respect to the industry leader this Gen NINTENDO. NOT M$. NINTENDO please everyone come to reality now.

Mini Mario3641d ago

They will never learn. They're too wrapped up in themselves to listen to common sence. Its not in their nature.

Its so funny how they never mention the shovelware on the ps2. Like singstar and dance dance never helped the ps2 sales...right guys>>> ?

Sevir043642d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if they if reggie and miyomato were wiping there ass with bills the Wii was dispensening. since the wii was released it became this phenomenon and a bank for ninty. i take my hats off to them, they have created a new market. congrates with those Wii figures. 43 million Wiis sold in 2 years? my good lord thats alot. Good job. the Wii is there Printing press.

An Sony turned a profit too i heard. and even managed to sell 10.7 million consoles in 08... Good job.

IzKyD13313642d ago

Wii 2,3,4,5 here we come.....this generation has really been a turning point for nintendo, I really think hardcore gaming for them is done for good

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

How is it "done"?
And isn't it time Third party developers start producing quality games?

You guys demand to much from Nintendo.

IzKyD13313642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Nintendo is all about "smiles" now remember?
Yes, they'll release a Zelda here and a Mario there, but as long games like Wii Fit and Wii Play keep selling like crack, then there really is no need to please the hardcore audience.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

you are funny, really.
To pretend they were never casual.

Some people will never learn.

If there is a bigger audience, you can expect more variety, Same happened to the PS2. It had a huge install base so lots of developers jumped ship.

And PS2 had loads of shovelware and loads of awesome games.
If Wii keeps selling like this it will have the same fate as PS2.
(lets not forget ps2 is still kicking, hence the huge library, hence the huge developers support. If Wii keeps dominating It won't be any different. PS2 didn't have awesome games from the beginnig either. There were some, but not much just like the Wii is now.

No room for "core" gamers, right i wonder what the upcomming titles must be.

mirroredderorrim3642d ago

It is a bit ridiculous, but you can't say much about a system that is flying off the shelves, unless it's ridicule, I suppose...or praise?

Voiceofreason3642d ago

You can find a good thing to say about any console unless you are a fanboy for another. Wii has plenty of good games and good sales to back up that it is a good console. Most of the hate comes from a complete lack of knowledge about the console from bias Sony fanboys.

TriforceLightning3642d ago

The futures so bright that I need SPF 100 to play anything Nintendo branded.

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