PS3 Trophy Hunting Madness

Nat X7 from TrueGameHeadz writes:
"For that the past month or so, I have forced myself into crunch time so that I can try to earn as many trophies as I can. Since I was laid off from my job, now seems to be the perfect time to have massive gaming sessions every day in search of my first 100% platinum trophy - those bastards can be damn hard to get. While I did get 100% completion on one game, I don't really count the effort since the game was "Linger in Shadows", and while it was a very interesting experience, I didn't really consider it a game. I'm also in a bit of a time crunch because, when February hits, the new wave of must-haves will be fast approaching. "Street Fighter 4," "Killzone 2," "Madworld," and "Resident Evil 5? are all games that the TGH staff will undoubtedly be battling each other over, to see who can do which reviews, and review or not I'm still going..."

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zootang3547d ago

Play Drakes that kinda easy to get a trophy, I'm just on my way to getting that COdWAW Platinum. My PSN is my User name

ravinash3547d ago

Uncharted is the one I'm working on....just playing my way through the hardest level (what ever its called). I did spend an entire evening repeating one gun fight over and over, so it still makes you work for it.
I finally made with 10 mins before midnight.
Maybe I just suck, I don't know...

pwnsause3547d ago

hardest level= Crushing mode. It was so hard to beat that mode, but it was worth it. got my platinum a long time ago.

The gaming GOD3547d ago

Like he was saying, that resistance 10,000 kills thing is ridiculous.

I'll add two more difficult trophies to his list. Motorstorm 2 has two trophies that elude me. The first is the Legend trophy. The second is that damn Champion trophy. I probably just suck though lol

imabeast483547d ago

what r u talking about. ten thousand kills is nothing. im already half way there and just got the game

The gaming GOD3547d ago

you have 10,000 kills from ranking competitive games online in resistance 2 and you just got the game? Most of those ranked games go up to 25 kills if it's on single player deathmatch

Oh well, then I just suck

FunAndGun3547d ago

I got the game at launch and I just received my platinum last night. But 10,000 kills really isn't that much. I had over 60,000 kills on FoM.

for me, good ol deathmatch usually netted me at least 20 kills per game.

The gaming GOD3547d ago

The most I ever bagged in one game was maybe 10 kills. Normally, I'm under 10. I suck to the point that I don't even try to win anymore. Now I just want the trophy

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arvfab3547d ago

I have 6 Platinum now:

- Uncharted
- Bioshock
- Motorstorm 2
- Aquanaut's Holiday (asian version is full english!)
- Little Big Planet
- Prince of Persia

I only need 2 gold trophies to get other 2 platinum:

Resistance 2 (I have 5000 kills left)
Dead Space (I have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty)

Motorstorm 2 was really a pain in the A$$ and probably the hardest one of the games I got.

But the author is wrong, you only have to beat Dead Space 2 times, as the hardest difficulty is unlocked after finishing the game at any difficulty. You'll still have to restart a finished game to upgrade all the weapons, but you don't have to finish it again.