GamersDigest Sony Official Headset Review

Stealthboy50 reviews the Sony Official Wireless Headset on GamersDigest;

As we all know, bluetooth headsets are not perfect, unless your willing to spend loads on them. I for one, have had my fair share of trouble with them, and normally use a USB one, like most PS3 owners I know. So when I first heard of this headset, I did not have high hopes for it...

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Johnny Rotten3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I just picked this headset up and I must say it's of really good quality, it looks heavy but it's about half the weight of the Jabra that comes with Warhawk, there's also a battery meter that pops up in the corner of your TV which is cool. All in all it was a good investment.

FrankenLife3550d ago

This headset kicks ass. I love it so much. As soon as I got it I gave away my Warhawk headset away