VideoGamer: Runes of Magic First Look

Times are tough. Money's tight. The recession's kicking in, and with every passing day that active MMO subscription starts to look more like an expensive luxury than an essential outgoing. Sound like you? Then Taiwan-based Runewaker Entertainment's got you covered, because it's crafted a beautiful free-to-download, stylised, high-fantasy MMORPG that doesn't require a subscription fee. That's right. It's absolutely free.

It's called Runes of Magic, and it's currently in open beta, so you can try it for yourself, for free - not that that's any incentive, since the full game will also be free. Don't let the whole "free" thing put you off, either. It looks and feels very much like a full price, full fat MMORPG. It's a lot like World of Warcraft, actually.

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