Sony Europe Hints At Full Gran Turismo 5 In 2007

Sony Europe just keeps sending in more and more press releases, dealing with the upcoming PlayStation 3 launch in PAL territories on March 23. But unlike last week's despicable announcement that the PS3 would be less compatible with PS2 games in Europe, today we finally have a good news speculation for those of you planning to buy the console, and living in Europe, Australia or other PAL territories.

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FordGTGuy4254d ago

because if we learned anything from previous Gran Turismos they need an early release date so it can be delayed an entire year. Hello 2008 and goodbye 2007.

PS360PCROCKS4254d ago

I doubt this I think their more referring to the fact that they will be showing some footage and stuff that will blow people away.

Adriokor4254d ago

They are talking about a gt5 demo which will be released by the end of 07 with a few tracks/cars and online play. You can be sure the game will not be done till 08.

True Gamer4254d ago

This game needs to blow Forza 2 out of the water so if the game doesn't come out until 2008, then so be it.

Xi4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

is the important part. If forza out does it, it's one more franchise and genre that's better on another console. PS2 dominated most markets except, sports & fps, and in racing it was pretty close, if people see that the 360 can also do racing, fighting, and action/platformers (I doubt they will ever beat the ps3 at rpg's), it may spell more trouble for the ps brand.

Gamer134254d ago

I realy looking forward to this GT5, ill get forza 2 on its day of release.

But in GT5 i think it will be about 15 to 25 cars on track at once with 5 or more cars going into the pit to change tyres refuel etc while your in the pit seeing that action wow - Dam i can,t wait to play GT5.

IM OUT...///"""

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The story is too old to be commented.