Gamespot: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Review

In the Iron Chef America TV show, a kitchen hums with activity as two elite teams chop, blend, and boil to create delicious dishes in order to outdo each other and win culinary supremacy. In Iron Chef America: Supreme Cusine, an animatronic ghoul locks you alone in a kitchen filled with faulty appliances. Ingredients from dishes you vaguely remember choosing appear in front of you, and the ghoul orders you to perform a simple action, praising you afterward regardless of your performance. Your only other company is the disembodied head of Alton Brown, who spews forth a constant stream of interesting facts and goofball quips, presumably unable to stop because of the traumatic burn accidents he has clearly suffered.

Eventually, you are freed from your prison and judged by a panel of ghouls who reveal the grim truth: You have been pitted against another ghoul in culinary minigame combat, and you, yourself, are a ghoul too. This is what it feels like to play Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine. That's a bit overdramatized, sure, but Supreme Cuisine is so lifeless, so lackluster, and so out-and-out lame that it's not far from the truth.

The Good:
* Alton Brown delivers interesting facts.

The Bad:
* None of the appeal of the television show
* Character avatars are ugly and poorly animated
* Minigames are dull
* Boiling liquid is hard.

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