GamePro TV (Spain) Killzone 2 Review - 10 out of 10

GamePro TV (Spain) have released their video review for Killzone 2.

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jammy_703548d ago

theres so many reviews to look at god every 1 is just fantastic!!!!
get in there! cant wait
just advertise the hell outa this one sony!!!!

jammy_703548d ago

wow just wow!!!!!


jammy_703548d ago

commented not know i have already!!! and again well its worth it this game rockkss!!

iHEARTboobs3548d ago

I'm rewarding them with my $60.

Haters are going to have a rough day with this flood of great reviews.

Rythrine3548d ago

:) <----- me for the "perfect" score

:( <----- me for waiting one more month

Btw, another Killzowned site. XD

Giriath3548d ago

I like today, not as much as Feb 25 or if I get it a little earlier. But I like it. :)

I'm sure Metacritic are busy right now.

GameGambits3548d ago

Great to see big #'s yet again for K2.

Avoid that video though for spoilers. Even if you don't speak Spanish what it shows is enough for you to put two and two together.

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xwabbit3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It got what it deserved :)

mintaro3548d ago

And how would you know that?


xwabbit3548d ago

God told me :) LOL JK but if u didn't play the beta and reserved the game you'll see y i say this on February 2 ^_^ when you'll be able to dl the demo

Giriath3548d ago

Rex God told you? It's been a while since I saw him, would you tell him not to try to take a bite out of me the next time I see him, again?

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AngryHippo3548d ago got what it deserved. Killzone 2 has lived up to the hype.

JAKESPLACE_3548d ago

You are safe DEFINITELY from our wrath on your servers. For giving a perfect score, we will help give you hits k lol. CHK your hits count by tomorrow lol



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The story is too old to be commented.