240° - "How Sony Killed the PlayStation3, and NOT Just in Europe"

From the article:

"Those guys at the PR department are not guilty for others' blunders, on the contrary, they are the ones that try to cover the mess as deftly as they can. The real problem is Sony's top management, who seems to consider that the company's resources are limitless and that they are the smartest people on Earth.

A short history of Sony's failures with the PS3 shows that the PR did the best, while the ones in charge with the production and design did the worst possible. I will not go over them again in this article, but if you are interested in the subject try this..."

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SEAN16174251d ago

a PS3 hate article from SKYO360, this cannot be?!!!! nice article another person giving his two cent, and he's mad, and he's gonna make his own console and yadayada stop posting old crap.

FordGTGuy4251d ago

I think I made people start using yada yada yada again :)

TheMART4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

No Sean, so wrong.

It's because you are a Sony fanboy and don't like to hear the truth. The artikel Syko is linking to is written by:

"02:43 PM, February 26th 2007
by Dan Nicolae Alexa"

that's today, news on the website

Sony did it to themselve. With all their lying, twisting, overpromissing & underdelivering and giving Europe a retarded PS3 version

@ Kingbow (below)

You're wrong. This guy get's out some interesting questions and it's not the news the PS2 hardware will be taken out on it's own. And so right with saying this:

"“One of (the many) reasons I was interested in a PS3 was backward compatibility. Why should I pay full price for a system that won't support my old games? This new PS3 system is different from what Sony has been advertising. In my opinion this is a PR disaster for the PS3 and I am seriously considering not buying one now…”

I bet every PS2 owner that wanted to upgrade in Europe now thinks like this. And imagine that God of War 2 won't run on the software emulated PS3 out of the box. BUMMER

nix4250d ago

you are right this time mart...

i mean how can sony remove the BC... that sucks!!!! atleast MS just dropped the BC... that's the route sony should have taken. now come on mart! give me five!!! oh... you can't what happened? oh.. trying connect xbox to play xbox1 games... q:

kingboy4251d ago

How many times is this kind of articles gonna be posted?we`v already heard this song before,sorry

FordGTGuy4251d ago

Bill Gates would be cutting my lawn.

power of Green 4251d ago

It's not like you Sony fans would not have posted this if it was about the 360. lol. Clearly the public has a different take on the PS3 than PS3 die hards on game sites and forums.

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The story is too old to be commented.