Meristation: Killzone 2 Review

Meristation: When we put in front of a game with a higher quality, in this case within the genre of shooters, are the feelings that once you finish the first time are unmatched. We happened to have titles in the draft user so timeless. Half Life, Doom, Halo, Gears of War, Goldeneye, Call of Duty, Crysis, Bioshock... Half Life, Doom, Halo, Gears of War, Goldeneye, Call of Duty, Crysis, Bioshock ... once the credits appear, you realize you've been wrong not to share an event in the world of video games.

Killzone 2 has managed to convey those feelings. We have no doubt that the achievements of Guerrilla will assume a new post in the hall of fame game action in first person, especially within the console FPS: technically brutal, immersive and epic, Killzone 2 is best of its kind available for PS3. With the game in almost two weeks writing, dissect the first major title this leaves 2009.

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MURKERR3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

of techinical and graphical grunt, the graphical bar on consoles has now been raised, simply put...awsome

GameGambits3549d ago

We are officially at the point where the world full of people with brains attached to their spinal cords KNOW Killzone 2 is flippin amazing on all levels. This is just another review to prove that.

I believe IGN or IGN AU's review today said it's definetly worth buying a PS3 for just to play...that's astronomical praise to say 400 for a console, 50 for the game, and probably 50 for the headset. Wow.

sugatmahanti3549d ago

another great score.....27 Feb So Far....!!!

JAKESPLACE_3549d ago

You are safe from our wrath on your servers



Helghast Slayer3549d ago

You have been KILLZONED!!! NEXT

PSN ID: Kush_Reapper

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The story is too old to be commented.