Eurogamer Italy Review Killzone 2 "As mentioned at the beginning, the title has a Guerrilla graphics certainly up to expectations. We are not at the levels of the notorious movie in computer graphics, but something that we should be very close.

I think it is unnecessary to highlight the effectiveness of each appearance: there is enough to know that the Cell processor and RSX Sony machine will finally have bread for their teeth. Rather than mere brute force, however, we feel, therefore, put emphasis on the stylistic aspects of the game. His claim of realism is reflected in fact a vision of the war very personal and yet shared widely.

There is no shortage on the other hand, topical moments, put out by a competent director and not too pretentious. As well seen in the first chapter is now all'ennesima high power without sin in excessive (and therefore trivial) conflict spectacular, although we would have undoubtedly done without some colorful and abused cliché character, unnecessarily dictated by the stereotype of Soldiers "cock and angry."

Little stuff, however, that certainly does not affect his excellent work in the artistic direction and, more generally, throughout the production.

Killzone 2 was one of the most desired games from Sony. For our part, we are happy to confirm that this expectation has not been in vain.

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JAKESPLACE_3574d ago

9 will do. Still waiting on EDGE coz I think theyll be getting our wrath on their servers becos, theyre never fair, MGS/ LBP, all awesome games but their casualties, so I dont care even what they give they're getting it.

Good job EuroG italy though

You are safe from our wrath on your servers



Helghast Slayer3574d ago

You have been KILLZONED!!! NEXT

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tharealest3574d ago

Game Of The Forever.
No doubt about that.