Gamereactor Denmark Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 is unmatched entertainment in the high-end gaming business. It is a product that shows what a PlayStation 3 can do, when a team game enthusiasts have both skills, time and money to practice their dream of the ultimate action experience.

Excellent graphics and good music.
Good controls.
Heavy, well-functioning weapons.
A large on-line portion with lots of potential.

Uneven voice playwright.
Missing variation in missions.
Disappointing end.

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Huh3576d ago

wow this was posted a second after the other one lol

Sarcasm3576d ago

"Disappointing end"

That's weird, why do I keep hearing about how amazing the ending is from other sources. Oh well. Good score, moving along.


jwatt3576d ago

I think they were saying gameplay wise it was alot of intense action but I think gamereactor and IGN are talking about the actual story ending was a bit dissapointing.

Giriath3576d ago

I agree with these reviews giving it a 9 or 9,5 (most probably what I would give it), but now I expect no game to henceforth get a 10/10. Because the only negative things present in Killzone 2 have been present in pretty much every other game that has scored 10/10 in this generation.

wotta3576d ago

Last year was a bit over the top, back to normality me thinks and a highly deserved score too. It aint perfect but no game is, including the games that were plastered with 10's last year.

Viper73576d ago

I could have submitted this as new story, but as I am not a really all that good translating things and its pretty much same as these.

but here:

Gameractor Finland

Intense, Controls, Multiplayer
Lenght, Bad story, Some of the controls

After all the hype, its not hard to wait the game to provide slightly differend angle compared to other modern shooters. Strictly written shooter focusing on single player experience was definetly worth the wait.
But the roughly 6 hours long game is more focused on action than script.
This however is not really the problem. The intense firefights, desperate charges against the enemy are all well planned. The Ai is beliveable and the weapons are all well designed.
Killzone is a must have for fans of the genre and really shows what Ps3 can really do.

M-Easy3576d ago

6 hours? Thats the first I've heard of that. Every one else has been saying 10-12 hours. They must of played on easy.

Viper73576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Probably a rough estimate. many have said it to clock around 7 hours so its probably closer to that.

The multi player will clock hours tough, although the beta did give me a a feeling that the ranks where achieved too fast. Maybe they have increased the time required to become general in final version. Never the less to open up all the badges you'll be spending quite some time with the game.

Good trick to get more lenght to single player games is to but the dificulty to hard or atleast normal, that way you wont be speedrunning trough the game. That is if you have played console shooters before.

Edit: Dunno about the difficulty but Finn's are known to be the fastest ppl in the world, maybe we have now moved to games ;) He did say that the games was quite challenging so he might actually be quite good player.

SQWERCH3576d ago

should never receive a 10 because no game is perfect.

Sitdown3576d ago

saying that there is not a single improvement that could be made to MGS?

Sitdown3576d ago

I wasn't sure if we had swept the MGO aspect of it under the carpet or not...but I see that we did. Thanks for informing me.

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Queers of War3576d ago

9.4 to be precise

maybe if you made it past kindergarden, you wouldve been able to learn your numbers

DavidMacDougall3576d ago

Yeah its a shame he don't have any 360 games to play

prabx3576d ago

He Jus Another Hater ^

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